1st death anniversary of renowned local young journalist Imtiaz Gorar today

LARKANA: Journalist Community, friends and family paid rich tributes to late Imtiaz else GR Gorar and demanded of the PPP-led Sindh government to help family and children of deceased Journalist as promised by the party district president and others.

The 1st death anniversary of renowned local young Journalist late Imtiaz Gorar alias G.R Gorar was observed here in Larkana, He was Reporter started his career with valued English Newspapers among Regional Times, The Frontier Post, Daily Times and Pakistan Observer with his last story of Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, despite of his services and highly coverage of ruling PPP Sindh government left along the family and under age children were neglected by the PPP officials while they promised on his death condolence.

A large number of Journalist community and friends particularly close to him Senior Journalists Nazir Siyal, Mushtaq Tunio, Kazi Aijaz and his family younger brother Maqsood Ahmed Gorar and his nephew Naseer Gorar also paid tributes on his commitment and fair journalism in his life, he served for the deprived community while on protest at Larkana Press Club, young late imtiaz ever flash the stories of every walks of life.

Larkana Press Club even forgotten him despite the reminders to get arrange such a gathering of various media friends available and community but unfortunately, they celebrated outsiders inside the press club but no gathering was arranged for such an honest young devoted hard worker journalist said some loyal friends and they paid tributes to him today September 16, 2017.

While paying tributes to several unsung Heroes in media among well-educated young Imtiaz alias GR Gorar and Roshan Ali Bhutto recently died also, across the media community said it is a painful for all of walks of life that such honest journalists will never come back but their memories now.

Journalists including Nazir Siyal, Mushtaq Tunio and others shared some pictures remembered and quoting the words of late Imtiaz, who ever wish to help genuinely helpless poor and deprived helpless protesting for their rights here before Larkana Press Club. He ever said a journalist taking real issues of communities as his moral duty, but cannot do much beyond of his source. His good wishes for everyone remember him for a long.

Speaking at the occasion, Umair and Sumair young sons of late G.R Gorar told their father Ghulam Rasool alias Imtiaz Gorar was a senior journalist, nice person, philanthropist, great human. Being a journalist, he always supports the truth and highlighted the issues of people in surroundings of Larkana. While rendering his services in journalism, unfortunately! He left them. Mair said it was the darkest day of my life, last year in mid of September, 2016, when my father was busy in his precious work routine wise at press club Larkana; suddenly, he suffered from a severe heart attack.

He was ambulated to Cardio emergency, unfortunately he could not survived due to lack of appropriate facilities. Being an elder son of my parent, I was shocked over bad news of father’s death. I paralyzed to see my father’s dead body on stretcher, everyone was in shock there including journalists, press club staff and my family members.

O! My Papa you left me alone at a time when I need you, in every aspect of life. I am broken; I feel lot of burden without you. Papa I was fortunate boy to be great son of you. Papa I remembered the moments spent with you in home and press club; and my first day in college as a first year student last year. Papa I realized the wonderful life of teenage. Papa how happy you were that day. Papa you left me in a stage when I need you. Now I am struggling alone, and observed lots of ups and down in short duration of one year. However, I am living with the principles you taught. Papa I remembered those days of happiness when you return from duty. Alas! Now you are in a place, where nobody can be returned. I know you had faced lots of difficulties and hardships but you keep us happy and provide us every facility to make family cheer able. I never thought you would leave me. Papa now I can feel the pain of an orphan. Papa no one is to wipe my tears; therefore, I daily used to visit your grave and speak to you. Papa I have to take your guidance cordially, but you are not answering me. Papa is you angry? Papa I will do everything what you want. Suddenly I realized that you are somewhere else in other world where there is calm and only peace. Papa your sudden death could cause huge damage to me. How sixteen years old can face the music lonely! , With no resources. All the promises made by people and government authorities to support the family vain. Although, I promise I will not be weak. I am your brave son. Insha’ Allah, I will achieve the goal, you decided for me and family. Papa I have many things to discuss, but I do not want to disturb you. I pray to Almighty Allah may keep u in eternal peace ‘Aamin’.

Papa O! My Sweet Papa, I miss you………. I miss you……….. I miss you……………….


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