Having diabetes is not the end of the world: Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram

MUMBAI: Former Pakistani pace bowler Wasim Akram is known to be the diabetic patient. However, he had not let this disease to ruin his cricket career.

On the World Diabetic Day on 14th November, the 51-year-old Pakistani all-rounder has listed few things on awareness of this diseases which he first met some 20 years ago.

Speaking exclusively, Wasim Akram says, “I had big dreams (while playing cricket) and this disease was coming fast to me but I was determined to run faster to overcome it”.

“It is basically the life-style that is important to deal with this in the disease. There are three important things the diabetic patients should do…first, you must observe the strict diet and monitor your daily intakes”.

“Secondly, the patients should do regular exercises and jogging…”.

“And the third is to consult doctor regularly and follow his advice”.

“It is not the disease but you have to change your life-style. Everybody is an engine and you must take care of your body”.

“It was very scary when I was diagnosed, but I immediately realized that it is not the end of the world. You have to accept it that if it’s there you can’t avoid it”.

Nobody in Akram’s family had diabetes.

There have been few cricketers with this disease.


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