Establishment stop patronising traitors, terrorists

HYDERABAD: Establishment has made Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) as Ganga Jamna. As any Hindu in India who dives in Ganga -Jamna his sins are washed just like this any terrorist, target killer, traitor who joins PSP is forgiven of his crimes. This was stated by Ashraf Noonari chairman of Sindh National Tehrik in a statement here. He said now people were saying that MQM was made by Establishment. We had already said many years back that MQM was agent of the international establishment with the aim to break off Pakistan. He said not only Altaf but MQM as a whole was involved in Karachi killings and terrorism. He asked the government to banish it immediately instead of allowing it to play politics because it was a symbol of terror, fright, and barbarism. He made an appeal to Urdu speaking Sindhis to reject those traitors playing politics with their name as Muhajirs have suffered a lot at hands of those misusing Muhajir name in politics. He also lashed out at Farooq Sattar for paying attending Shuhda Memorial where he paid tributes to those killed terrorists, target killers. By doing this Farooq Sattar has revived politics of traitor Altaf Hussain.


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