How to recover word files with readable format after formatting external hard drive?

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You know formatting drives leads to files loss including that of word documents. But sometimes you are trapped in an unwanted data loss situation either due to accidental drive formatting or when formatting your external hard drive becomes an evil necessity!

Situations that may lead to hard drive formatting:

  • System shows error, “You need to format the disk before you can use it”
  • Virus infection or malware in the hard drive
  • Corrupt hard drive
  • Accidental formatting
  • Sudden system shutdown while accessing external hard drive

External hard drives are highly used storage devices, generally used to back up system’s data. Such drives formatting is unacceptable, especially when you have important word document files stored in them. Thus, in such unavoidable circumstances, retrieving your precious files and folders is crucial.

If you already have a backup, you are in safe spot. If not, then how to recover your essential word files in readable format after formatting external hard drive?

This post guides you to word file recovery and how a formatted external hard drive situation can be tackled using a data recovery solution. Read on…

What is formatted external hard drive?

When you format an external hard drive in Windows, all its data including word documents on the drive will be deleted and a new file system and partitions can be now created to save the data afresh.

Can you recover word files from a formatted external hard drive?

Yes, word file recovery is possible from a formatted hard drive, but only on a condition – if you have not used or saved any more data on the formatted external drive.Once formatted hard drive is rewritten by new data files, you will never be able to get your word files back.

Deleted word file recoveryfrom formatted drive is possible because, formatting just makes your files not viewable.Your data is still present in the formatted drive but in a hidden form. Thus, the Windows operating systems are unable to read them, and user become unable to read their important documents.

So, how to recover deleted word files from formatted hard drive?

There are no means to word file recovery from a formatted external hard drive other than a third-party application.

You can find many tools online providing deleted word files recovery from a formatted hard drive. Be well aware while you choose a recovery tool, as some of them may not recover your files in readable format, or may retrieve only few of the word files.

Key checkpoints toselect word files recovery software

  • Provided by the trusted developer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free from virus and Trojans
  • Provides 100% word files recovery in readable format

Keeping to above important aspects of data recovery tool, you can rely onexperts’ recommended and award winning, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home. It is a powerful software with the specialized Deep Scan provision to recover files from a formatted or highly corrupt drive. Just connect the formatted external hard drive to the system, install and launch the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Homeand follow the given steps.

Fixes, if formatted external hard drive not detected by the system

  • Check the power and data cables connection
  • Verify the drive in Disk Management, you may need to recreate the partition in Disk Management
  • Manually assign the new drive letter in Disk Management


Steps to word files recovery

Step 1: On main screen, select the Office documents option to recover word files and click Next

recover word files

Figure 1: Illustrates Select window of What to Recover

Step 2: Select the external drive from which you have to recover lost word files.

recover lost word files

Figure 2: Illustrates Select window of Location from where word files is to be recovered

Step 3: Click Turn on Preview to view files while scanning

scanning process

Figure 3: Illustrates the scanning process

Step 4: Preview all recoverable data from the formatted hard drive after scanning process. View & Sort results by File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List

Preview window

Figure 4: Illustrates Preview window

Step 5: Select the desired location to save the recovered files and click Start Saving

Recovery process

Figure 5: Illustrates the Recovery process

TIP: Never save the recovered word files in the same formatted hard drive as it will result in overwriting, causing permanent data loss. Save the recovered word documents to another partition or drive.


Important word files recovery from a formatted external hard drive can become a challenging task, if you did not pick the right recovery software. The word files can be easily recovered by the secure Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, in few clicks from a formatted external drive. You no more need to fret online looking for reliable word recovery solution.


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