PFA bans on the use of ‘Ajinomoto’ aka China Salt on the recommendations of PFA Scientific Penal

‘Ajinomoto’ aka China Salt

China Salt is harmful for consumer health, become a cause of health diseases like blood pressure, heart palpitations, disturb mental and nervous system

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) banned the use of ‘Ajinomoto’ also known as china salt in the preparing of food dishes and other food items due to injurious for consumer health here on Monday.

This decision has been taken on the recommendations of PFA Scientific Panel in which they informed that china salt is become a cause of several health diseases like headache, blood pressure, heart palpitations, memory loss and disturb mental and nervous system. As well as, it also effect on women during pregnancy.

Penal further recommended that china salt is mostly used in restaurants, hotels and homes for which PFA take stern action immediately for stopping its practice in cooking.

According to Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2017, it is strictly forbidden the use of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) in weaning food, fats and oils, frozen meat and fish and other essential commodities.

In this regard, Director General PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal said that the main ingredient of Ajinomoto is MSG that is side effects on human. He said “According to Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2017, it is compulsory for all food industry to label in visible font size on their products about “Mono Sodium Glutamate” is presence in it and it is not fit for less than 12 months old infants”. He said that PFA is giving adjustment time for two months to all food industry and PFA will take strict action against responsible in the case of violation of this prohibition after March 31.


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  • January 17, 2018

    Stephen Fox

    Re: Punjab Food Authority bans Chinese salt after scientific panel finds it hazardous for Health

    Letter to the Editor
    by Stephen Fox, Consumer Protection Journalist in New Mexico, United States

    Although about some wonderful news, this article’s headlines contain a serious misnomer. In fact, it is not “Chinese” at all. The chemical MSG is made by Ajinomoto of Japan, and although 1) it is frequently found in Chinese food all over the world, 2) the syndrome is called the “chinese restaurant syndrome,” and 3) there are some factories making it in China, the real name referred to should be “MSG made by Ajinomoto of Japan.”

    In response to Monday’s Punjab Food Authority decision to Ban MSG in the Punjab

    As reported: Punjab Food Authority bans Chinese salt (Ajinomoto)

    This is really great news for consumer protectionists all over the world! My commendations to the authorities who set this in motion. You have done something great here which should, in due course, have implications and repercussions all over the world. Thank you!

    Both Pakistan and India could agree to one thing for sure, and that is to move on to the next step, that of banning aspartame, the artificial sweetener, another neurotoxic food additive made by Ajinomoto, then sue the hell out of them for the proven neurodegenerative harm done by both of their infernal products. Maybe Pakistan in winning such lawsuits could more than make up for any potential or eventual loss of American foreign aid for the next 3 years. Similar suits in the US against Tobacco
    manufacturers in the early 90’s resulted in judgments of $235 Billion!

    How those two horrible Ajinomoto products, MSG and Aspartame, ever passed the Haram/Halal test is beyond me! Bribes, maybe? Predatory corporate preying on colossal ignorance?

    This is just one important article, one of many, by my colleague, Dr. Betty Martini, to consider while taking the next step:


    Over one year ago, I published this article asking the Health Minister in India to ban aspartame, but he never replied.

    India’s Health Minister Asked to Rescind Aspartame Approval

    Clearly, the Punjab Food Safety Minister is taking his responsibilities far more seriously, to the benefit of Punjabis’ overall long range good health.

    Respectfully, Stephen Fox
    New Millennium Fine Art
    Santa Fe New Mexico USA