5 Natural and Easy Home Remedies for Indigestion


If you’re suffering from acidity or heartburn then you will feel your stomach heavy. It is the very common issue and almost all the people known that these are the symptoms linked to indigestion. Indigestion makes you uneasy and uncomfortable.  This problem mainly occurs due to the unhealthy diet. Some people are as familiar with this issue as they have to suffer this situation after every meal. But keep calm!! It is not any hell breaks loose’ type of situation that forces you to rush your chemist or doctor. Better than going to doctor you must need to try some of following home remedies and give comfort to your stomach.

Ginger and Lime magic

It is one of the simple methods as all the ingredients in this methods are easily available from anyone’s kitchen. You just need 2 spoons of ginger juice and lime. Mix these juices and add the same quantity of honey. Add the glass of hot water in this mixture and take it after the heavy meal.

Zesty orange

Another simple and quick remedy for tackling the indigestion is fresh orange. After every meal, eating an orange will keep indigestion at bay. Experts have cleared the reason behind the great working of oranges, they claim that orange supplies adequate nutrition and gives rest to digestive organs.

Soya and Garlic

Soya and garlic is another best solution for indigestion issue. Add the equal amount of garlic and soya oil. Mix them and massage the stomach. Keep massaging until oil gets absorbed by the skin. This solution gives instant relief from indigestion and cures your stomach pain.

Soda relief

Get rid of disturbing indigestion problem by with simple and readily available baking soda. If you are feeling indigestion, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the glass of water and gulp it. It works quickly and removes the stomach pain.

Coriander cure

Coriander cure is the need of every kitchen and also very beneficial in curing indigestion. Mix coriander leaf and cumin seeds juice in the glass of water and make an addition of the pinch of salt. Drink this solution. You will get relief from your stomach pain. If you are having some gas trouble then make a liquid solution by adding 3 cloves, 1 teaspoon of ginger and 2 teaspoons of coriander in the glass of water. Drink this solution.

Many people prefer to go to doctors if they feel their stomach heavy. No doubt it is very uncomfortable situation but it is better to use any of these home remedies in spite of visiting the doctors.


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