Merging PDF Files Using Movavi PDF Editor

Merging PDF Files Using Movavi PDF Editor

While it is easy enough to find PDF readers that can open and will let you view PDF documents, they generally won’t do much more than that. As such if you’re hoping to edit your PDF documents in even the most basic ways you’ll need a PDF editor – but you’ll find the choices are thin at best.

One tool that you may want to look into that can help you to not only view but also manage and edit your PDF documents is Movavi PDF Editor. In particular if you want to merge PDF files it will be more than up to the task, and will make it easy for you to do so.

In order to merge two separate PDFs, you should first launch Movavi PDF Editor. When it launches, you’ll see a ‘Merge Files’ button that you can click on to get started. Next you should click ‘Select Files’ and choose the PDFs that you’d like to merge.

Don’t worry if you select them in a different order than the way you’d like them to appear, because you can rearrange them by simply dragging them around where they’re listed. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve added all the PDFs that you want to merge and they’re in the right order, click ‘Merge’ to combine them.

It is worth noting that being able to merge PDF files is a lot more powerful than you might realize. To be more specific once you can merge PDF files you’ll be able to export content from Word, Excel, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software as PDF files and then merge them with existing documents using Movavi PDF Editor to create your own PDFs.

Merging PDF Files Using Movavi PDF Editor

That is really all that it takes to use Movavi PDF Editor as a PDF joiner. However, that is far from all it can do. With its help, you can rearrange the pages in PDF documents, remove any pages that you don’t need, and extract then save individual pages as separate PDF files. Additionally, you can open images in the editor as well then add them to PDFs and adjust their placement and size. It is also possible to extract images that are in your PDF files and save them as either PDFs or in image formats.

All in all the range of features in Movavi PDF Editor make it worth looking into if you handle PDF files regularly and would like to be able to manipulate them. Not only will it expand the options that you have at your disposal, but it will enable you to exert control over your PDF files and manage them far more effectively than with a normal PDF viewer.


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