Three Natural Preventing Treatments for Arthritis

Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis can be recognized as the inflammation of the joints. Arthritis might affect one or multiple joints at a time. It is a common issue in women and normally seen in adults over the age of 60 and also in people who are overweight. Arthritis can also appear suddenly in younger, teens and children. Common symptoms of Arthritis are stiffness, joint pain swelling, redness of the skin around joints and decrease in range of motion. Here are the different natural home remedies for Arthritis.


Cherries is the very good source of Potassium and magnesium. Both of these properties help arthritis sufferers. Potassium reduces the inflammation and Magnesium fights against pain.

  • Have 19 cherries daily. You can use frozen, canned or fresh cherries. It depends on your choice.
  • Another good option is to drink cherry syrup. Boil some cherries in water for some minutes, until it converts into sweet and strong syrup. Take this syrup daily for some months.


Another natural cure for Arthritis is Alfalfa. It relief the patients with arthritis pain. It helps in regulating the pH levels and rich in minerals.

  • Use alfalfa seeds and make a cup of tea.  Add 1 or ½ teaspoon of the seeds in boiled water. Let it cold an drink it this twice  2 to 3  three weeks to reduce inflammation
  • Optionally, you can take alfalfa capsules daily, these capsules are available in the market. You can get them easily.


One of the excellent ways for getting rid of from the inflammation of the joints is to massage with mustard oil.  The oil stimulates blood flow due to natural ointment property.

  • Slightly warm the mustard oil and rub it gently over the painful joint. In case of swelling add equal amount of onion juice. After applying the oil, use plastic wrap to cover the joint. You can also use warm towels for covering the joint. Repeat this process daily for better results.
  • Mix eucalyptus and wintergreen oil together and mildly massage on the affected joint. For this process, you need to apply hot compresses during a massage.


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