7 Best Suggestions to Fix Inaccessible Boot Device in Windows 10

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Inaccessible boot device error is recognized as common death error in form of blue screen. You can face this issue during the startup of Windows if the data cannot be read by Windows from the boot partitions or from a system. Inaccessible boot device error frequently occurs while upgrading your Windows to Windows 10. Sometimes this error is due to the error on the hard disk or often caused by the faulty disk controller device. Here are the few suggestions if you encounter this error with Windows 10.

  1. You should edit the boot options for you think that error occurred due to the faulty boot device.
  2. If you added any hardware recently, remove that.
  3. You might need to update the disk firmware version to the latest if you find that your current disk firmware version is not compatible with the Windows 10.
  4. Restart your computer in case of adding a driver, then enter the menu of Advanced Boot Options, choose the option of Last Known Good Configuration. Here you might need to try Rollback or system restore and boot the Windows into Safe Mode.
  5. Run Chkdsk /f /ron the system partition in case of hard disk corruption. Run Chkdsk from the Repair Console or Use Recovery Console and run Chkdsk /r if you are able to boot the Windows.
  6. You need to download and use Media Creation Tool in case of error occurs due to Windows upgrade. Download Media Creation Tool in another computer and store it in the flash/USB drive. Run it on your computer by clinking on booting from the USB or click on the Step File. Skip the step if asked about the product keys as Windows 10 will activate it by itself while signing in Microsoft Account.
  7. If nothing can work from the above then you need to install previous viz, OS, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, activate it and upgrade to Windows 10, then using ISO clean install Windows 10.

Source: Cosect.net


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