Vomiting: Get Over This Ugly Condition by Simple Home Remedies


Vomiting is quite an ugly feeling and sometimes you don’t even know that why you are vomiting. There are very common reasons for this condition so it is not the very serious issue. Like it could be due to overeating, food poisoning, and pregnancy. So no need to get worried. Just take any simple and beneficial home remedy. It will aid quickly and gets you relief from this condition.

Rice Water:

Rice water is very helpful in alleviating vomiting. It works more efficiently if vomiting is caused by gastritis. Always use white rice water, not the brown rice. White rice water is rich in starch and easier to digest.

  1. Take the cup of rice and boil in one cup of water.
  2. After rice gets boiled, strain the solution.
  3. Drink this rice water.


Cumin is one of easiest and best home remedies for vomiting. The reason for its excellence remedial work is secretion of pancreatic enzymes. It works more quickly if vomiting feeling causes by digestive issue.

  • Take ½ ground cumin seeds and mix it in warm water. Drink it.
  • You can also make an addition of the pinch of nutmeg in it. Now strain the solution and drink it. You will feel better.
  •  There is also another option, add some cardamom powder and cumin powder to one cup of honey and take it slowly


Fennel seeds ease nausea and aid digestion. Its antimicrobial properties will assist you in preventing and treating the stomach flu. Stomach flu also causes vomiting.

  • Take the cup of boiling water and add 1 tablespoon of crushed fennel seeds. Leave this solution for 10minutes. Strain it and drink it. You can take it twice per day.
  • You can simply chew one teaspoon of fennel seeds. It also relieves you from ugly vomiting feeling.

Onion Juice:

Use onion juice and give yourself relief from this vomit feeling. Onion juice aid combat vomiting and nausea. Its natural antibiotic properties really work.

  • Take equal quantity of grated ginger and onion juice. Like 1 teaspoon. Consume this mixture slowly. It will cure vomiting.
  • There is another way to use onion juice. Take half cup of onion juice and add mix two teaspoons of honey. Consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture and if required take it again.


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