Jemimah Rodrigues’ brilliant catch was just a few feet away from her dad’s seat at the ground

MUMBAI: The TV commentators had no words to praise Jemimah Rodrigues’ superb catch when Marizanne Kapp was dismissed off Rumeli Dhar’s bowling.

Again and again they were praising 17-year-old Jemimah’s classic catch which otherwise not only the South African bats woman thought of it being a six but the commentators did anticipate it to be over the rope. However, the fielder inches behind the rope caugth hold of the ball without losing the body balance.

Interestingly, the fielder’s father, Ivan Rodrigues, was hardly few feet away exactly behind the place where the catch was taken.

“I was at the best position just behind in the second front row where this catch was taken and felt happy to be at the ground”, he said over telephone from Newlands, Cape Town.

“Indeed it was a superb catch and all credit to my daughter’s fielding should go to Biju sir, team’s fielding coach”.

“Jemimah is good at fielding and she loves fielding more than her batting”, the father added.

“I had come to South Africa to see my daughter’s play. I watched all ODIs’. She did not get chance to play the ODI but I am happy for her performance in the T-20s”.

“I am not staying in the same hotel but speak to her on every match-day”.

The team is to return India by an Emirates Airlines on Sunday, whereas her dad has chosen Ethiopian Airlines to return home on Monday.

Jemimah’s mother, Lavita, though, has not traveled to South Africa, was equally jubilant with the catch and not only that the team won the series too.


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