CPEC will produce 40 thousand jobs of Chinese language interpreters: Irfan Qaiser Sheikh

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh

LAHORE: Chairman Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Irfan Qaiser Sheikh has said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will produce around 40 thousand jobs of Chinese Language interpreters for youngsters. TEVTA is preparing youth to avail the opportunities by teaching them Chinese language.

While addressing to a meeting at TEVTA Secretariat here on Tuesday, Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that CPEC is bringing a huge industry along and for availing opportunity through this industry; we need to prepare our youth. Keeping this in mind, TEVTA started Chinese Language course from just 250 students per course and this number will be increased to 16 thousand students per course.

He said that benefit of this course is that our youth by learning the Chinese language will be able to interpret for Chinese head of companies and many others. Currently, there are hundreds of youth including TEVTA pass outs are doing this jobs with multiple Chinese companies, he added.

Chairman TEVTA was of the view that we wanted that our skilled workforce should also learn the Chinese language as this would further increase the job opportunities for the youth with skill hands. Skilled jobs will be more available after CPEC than any other category of jobs, he said.

He said that recently TEVTA has also started this course in more courses including Southern Punjab and now this course is being taught at 24 out of 36 districts of Punjab whereas in Lahore this course is being offered in three different shifts for facilitating more youth. He also vowed that soon this course will be available in all district of largest populated province of country, besides third shift will also be stated in other populated cities.

Irfan further explained that TEVTA has always not only focused on increasing quantity of its students but equal importance is always being given to quality as well. He said that for maintaining quality in Chinese Language course, professional Chinese teachers were hired which teaching students as well as teachers for us.

Talking about salary of jobs available after this course, he observed that after completing of three-month Chinese language course male and female students can avail jobs against the salary of Rs 30 to 35 thousand per month. He said that once CPEC will be completed around 1 lakh jobs will be available for interpreters.

It is usually said that Chinese is difficult language but believe me it can be learn in just three months, he said adding that our students start singing Chinese songs in three months. Soon we are going to start advance one-year language course, he vowed.


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