PFA kicks off province-wide crackdown against Ice factories: 17 sealed, 99 served warning notices among 128

PFA seals another 7 food businesses, imposes Rs489000 fine on more than 45 food points over failed to maintain the hygienic working environment

LAHORE: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday closed down 17 ice plants in across the province during a special raid conducted against them after completing a given deadline.

PFA Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal has briefed about operation activities said that food safety teams have visited 128 ice factories and served 111 warning notices for improving the standards as per Food laws and regulations. PFA’s watchdogs also directed factories for keeping neat and clean the production areas from any germs and insects as well ensure the presence of reverse osmosis filter system in factories.

Authority has sealed four ice plants in Lahore division, three in Faisalabad and two each in Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Multan and DG Khan over found sanitation issues. He said that polluted water and rusted equipment was being used in the preparation of ice blocks. He said that substandard ice becomes a cause of diseases like disturbances, hepatitis, cholera and others. Added that, people should avoid unhygienic food because of most of containing unhealthy ingredients, which are not food for the body. The use of ice increased in summer as usual while some black-sheep starts to plays with the prestigious lives of people by using harmful components in the preparing of ice just in lure of money. PFA will not spare anyone, He mentioned.

On the other hand, PFA has sealed 7 food businesses and imposed fine of Rs489000 on more than 45 food points over failed to maintain the hygienic working environment. Food Safety Teams under the supervision of food safety officers have visited on hundreds of shops, restaurants, dairy units, production units, meat shops and others. The purpose of the crackdown was to inspect the quality of food products and ensure the implementation of food law.

According to details, teams have shutter down four food points in Multan, two in Gujranwala and one in Rawalpindi division. PFA also imposed fine of RsRs56000 on thirteen food points in Multan, Rs158000 fine on twelve shops in Rawalpindi, Rs109000 fine on eight food points in Sargodha and Rs166000 fine in Gujranwala. Teams have sealed shops and imposed fines for not following previous instructions, found adulteration, food hygiene issues and did not compliance with PFA’s instruction during raid. Apart from that, workers of the food outlets did not have medical certificates.

Number of substandard products was discarded and issued fine tickets on various food outlets. PFA has also served warning notices to dozen of food points during operation.


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