Walk on awareness regarding protection from dengue mosquito held

Chitral Walk regarding awareness campaign of Dengue mosquito to protect your selves from its biting and to save from this fever.

CHITRAL: An awareness walk regarding protection from Dengue Mosquito and Dengue fever was held at Chitral. The walk started from polo ground gate passing through Ataleeq Bazar and converted into a public meeting at Ataleeq Bridge. The walk was held by Rural Development Department and local government in collaboration with Tehsil Municipal Administration. The walk was also attended by District Naib Nazim, Assistant Director RDD Eng Faheem Jalal, TMO Qadeer Naseer, District Naib Nazim Maulvi Abdul Shakoor Deputy DHO Dr. Ziaullah Khan and village council Nazimeens. Addressing on the occasion Dr. Ziaullah Khan said that Dengue is a dangerous fever which creates from the biting of Dengue Mosquito its treatment is very difficult but we can save ourselves from this mosquito easily.

He said that Dengue mosquito mostly hebetate and breeding in water, especially clean water. He said that this is only mosquito which like clean water as comparative to other mosquitoes which living in dirty water. He said that dengue bites at the sun rising and sunset times and at that time we should to adopt precautionary measurement. Because care is best that treatment. He said we should to cover water pot and not left open or flowing water so as to give no chance of living to this mosquito.

District Naib Nazim Maulana Abdul Shakoor said that Islam is a religion of cleanliness and stressing on cleaning. If we keep cleaning our surrounding we can save ourselves from several diseases. The walk was attended by RDD, TMO and Deputy DHO, District Naib Nazim, UC Nazimeen but nobody from administration or line department. At last, the walk was ended with the prayer words by Maulvi Abdul Shakoor.


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