Food packaging is as important as food hygiene: PFA penned down draft regulation for Packaging Material

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has penned down the draft of Punjab Food Authority Packaging Material Regulation 2018 here on Monday. After its promulgation, sale of food in non-food grade material will be completely banned across the Punjab.

Materials like, single-layered Styrofoam, Crappy paper and newspapers are declared unlawful, in the above mentioned draft, for usage as packaging material for food items. Plastic and other packaging material should be printed with non-absorbent ink. Glue made with only Halal animal sources would be used for adhesive purposes in food packaging. Only three-layered plastic bags would be used for packaging of Ghee and Oil products. According to the newly proposed law, it would be necessary that 19 litre water bottles be recycled after every 40th usage.

After the scientific panel’s approval, the complete law will be presented before the upcoming board meeting for its promulgation. Scientific panel has made it clear that the presently available Styrofoam cups and plates are unsafe for food packaging and can cause cancer. Now, after the approval of the proposed law, unsafe and unhealthy packaging materials will be banned in the province.


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