Online Sales this Ramadan may Get Double than Previous Year Says

There are a few occasions that are holy and glory for every nation, and so is the month of Ramazan for Muslims. It has a special place in every Muslim’s heart because of the religious importance it holds. They fast the entire month and get the reward as Eid-ul-Fitr when it ends. The Eid celebration is a crucially important event and everyone is staunchly dedicated to making it worthwhile. People spend on their attire, food, and home to make the most of the event.

The businessmen understand this inclination towards shopping and introduce appealing sales and discount packages. Not only brick and mortar shops, the online stores also announce some captivating deals in the month of Ramazan. These offers help you in commemorating your Eid in a unique way. Every year, the e-commerce market observes an increasing spike during Ramadan, and the statistical figures are expected to get double this year than the previous one.

Why is Ramadan so Special for Muslims?

Muslims believe in the revelation of Quran and it declares Ramadan as the Holiest month of all for the Muslims. According to the teachings of Islam, a person gets double rewards for the prayers and charities during this month. Moreover, all the sins are wiped out if asked with sincerity from Allah. Muslims are obliged to fast the entire month from dawn to dusk and do good deeds. It purifies them as a newborn baby and gives them a new strength to lead a positive life. As soon as the month ends, they are blessed with a gift of Eid-ul-Fitr that is a celebrating occasion. Therefore, it is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar.

Why the Online Buying Trend Increases Every Year?

According to a report by C.E.O, Mr, Abid, the month of Ramadan shows the highest online buying trend and it is increasing every year. The statistical results show the online sale during the month is always more than the preceding year. However, there’s going to be a colossal increase this year as the online buying trend is expected to get double than the previous year.

There are some obvious reasons for that and one of them is the huge influx of online marketplaces in the country. Unlike in the past, people have begun to trust online stores to buy all types of items ranging from average-costing to expensive products. The introduction of new online stores has become one of the most highlighting reasons why people don’t fear buying things online anymore. The guaranteed quality and reliable return and exchange policy are everything a customer expects while buying things on the web. They now get all such facilities that weren’t possible in the past. Other than that, the working class has increased in the number who rarely has time to out for shopping. Especially in Ramadan, it becomes impossible for them to manage work, fasting, and prayers together. Therefore, they prefer buying their necessities online so they don’t have to waste their time and energy and get exactly what they wish for at their doorsteps.


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