What Would People Say

What Would People Say

I have been in the profession of teaching for around over more than two decades. I believe that teaching is not only merely a mean to transfer knowledge and give good professional training but is a mentor to follow. We can afford to cheat while being in any professional other than teaching and research but Teacher refers to an Absolute Fair and Honest Individual though academic standing can vary from individual to individual and that can be acceptable. Since students get inspired by their teacher and follow them in lives as well, in case if a teacher fails to deliver adequate knowledge the students can still survive by learning their own or by consulting other experts. But if our YOUTH once learn cheating its hard to  UNLEARN it. Other than emphasizing transfer of updated Knowledge in my field of expertise since the beginning, after completing my matriculation, I always used to ask my students what they want in their life. Usually, most of them end up telling a profession, that other people decide for them, usually their parents or close family members, that used to be doctor or engineer. Over the period of time there I felt a drastic change, students started opting for Business and Finance Subjects, the reason they tell, the jobs in these fields are paid off well. Myself like the majority of people of my age group, I wanted to be a doctor like abu. e, On not having admission in Medical College I started giving more time to Radio Programmes while being a student of college following the footstep of my uncle who had been associated with Radio Pakistan and later on with an Arabic Country’s Consulate. I decided to be a Scientist, my Khala(Aunt) is a Scientist and I am inspired by her profession, though things are nor ALL fair even in field of Teaching and Research but I am still in the same field because I enjoy doing Science and it is my Passion.  No matter whatever I did, I always followed Abu’s advices Do the Best and Leave the Rest and First Deserve then Desire whereas like Mom I did lot of things at the same time with reasonable perfection, a skill that I learnt from her. I feel sad when I see that these days mostly people have need base relation and relationship that is driven by money power or manipulation. A huge number of Youth want to go in field of Finances and Business merely because they would be better paid off and this they have learnt from others. Even their parents want them to do so, hoping that good amount of money can make them happy but in REAL it seldom happens. Money can help fulfilling our desires but never ensures happy living. I often felt sad for students who had been scolded even up till the level of abuse and humiliation for getting low grades, even many of those parents do so, who merely managed to pass the School with having an underlying fear what would people say if their children could nt be well educated.What would people say is one of the most strong driving force in our ROTTEN Society. We ALL are IMPERFECT but we want OTHERS to be PERFECTLY FAILING on OUR CRITERIUM of EXPECTATION hence INTOLERANCE is DEEP ROOTED IN US while being deprived in Humanity. Our Youth have habit to blame others but are reluctant to acknowledge their responsibility for present state of affair hence they are reluctant to say sorry or thank you, all this they have learnt this from their elders. Most of us never feel ashamed of claiming for FALSE CREDITS and expect others to respect them EXCLUSIVELY. Our parents never asked us about the marks we obtained, their question used to be Did you learn anything and probably this has been the reason we never studied for scoring high marks. Like everything else in life scoring marks and securing jobs at many places these days are dependent on networking but we did it on merit as per capabilities. Reliance on others helps to prevent isolation but at the same time it can effect Quality Living Adversely depending who have been accompanying us. Most of us rely on what others tell us. Its a common trick prevailing in the society to be popular and influential and to build trust people start to empathize others, start telling about them, mostly based on what they themselves heard from other or based on the observation supporting the inference drawn built up on common sense and offer free advices as well. This usually ends up in increasing the complexity of the problems while making us incapable of handling our relations relationships and other matters at our own independently whereas investment in terms of emotion on a personal level is a MUST to flourish relations and relationship that remains deprived while interacting with others in tailored way influenced by others opinions.  When I was a kid, I used to think its sharp mindness that helps to spend happy and successful life, I invested my time in solving puzzles playing chess e.g. time-based chess games, reading detective suspense stories science etc but then later on in my Life I found many sharp people spending life in misery, that made me think that its High Education that makes a difference. Having had an exposure of highly educated people, I arrived on the conclusion that its upbringing and company that matter. Good company is Blessing of Allah otherwise it is wise to be alone. When I was young I used to think that good people prevail ONLY among poor and average income population hence I never wish to be rich in my life but over a period of time, it is revealed to me that good people can be found anywhere irrespective of their financial and social status and region of Origin but I still do not appreciate too much money, I prefer knowledge wisdom and Humanity over it. Many people transform over a period of time and become better Human Beings than so-called many publically known Good People. I found prayers worked throughout my life. In my opinion, prayers alone does not bring much change until and unless we do not change our approach in life. To start with, acknowledge and always remember the favour that we have enjoyed from other. Above all, OWN the responsibility of making mistakes and acknowledge the personal weaknesses it helps to build realistic expectation to reciprocate from others. It is good to forgive and forget to patch up but again only with those who do not have a habit to deceive otherwise there is no point of having the bitter experience again and again. Respect privacy it really helps in building self-respect and respecting others as well. Personal matters SHOULD NEVER influence professional affairs. Respect people for what they are but NEVER for what they can help you to be. Be Merciful and JUSTIFIED with ALL. In simple words treat the GREED and EGO, Life would become worth living.

I found people readings books, doing black magic or wazeefa and Taweez to be happy and successful, but there are hardly few trying to learn from others or even their own mistakes to evolve wiser. None of us usually manage to recall the problems we have caused to others or made gossips in their absence and bullied them in public. We all have bad memory when it comes to recalling the sufferings we brought in others lives, we often fail to register the adverse effects of our role in others living and have excellent recall capability wherever we got hurt. Even for the Prayers that many people make, they want things to happen or resolved exactly as they expect or desire that usually never happens as ALL are supposed to be testified by DIVINE for being on this Globe and that happens. Everyone is being testified in a different way depending on the potentials and capabilities of individuals and their intentions, those who are extensively blessed are testified in a harder way.

The most important things in Life are to learn to be flexible and demonstrate patience with persistence, without having these two qualities we can never change towards living a better and happier life. We need to learn to live without the fear what would people say. They would definitely say something to you and about you but once their own young ones or dear ones would start acting beyond the expectation of society they would start condemning the gossips. It is wise to be Mature in Time before it is TOO LATE. Forgiving others be Merciful and Kind to ALL are the prime teachings of most of the religions including Islam. It has been in my experience that forgiving others for sake of mercy from Allah, a habit that I learnt from Abu gives immerse peace of mind, that’s prerequisite for Happy and Healthy Living.

However, the Divine has its own way of doing Justice extended through generations. The Fact remains as YOU SOW so shall you REAP stands TRUE for ALL AGES.


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