Election 2018: Security ensured for Candidates – Political Parties’ Leadership

Shoukat Javed

On Thursday, the Home Minister Punjab ensured that the election candidates and leadership of entire political parties will be provided foolproof security during the 2018 elections.

Conveying the directive of Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Shoukat Javed said that Prof Dr. Hasan Askari is of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the Punjab Government to not only arrange for fair, free and impartial elections but also to provide security to all participating in the upcoming polls.

The Home Minister Punjab said that foolproof security will be exclusively provided to those candidates or political leaders of major political parties; having serious life threats. During his interview, Shoukat Javed added further that it is the responsibility of the interim provincial government to offer the voters with a peaceful, conducive and favorable environment on the Election Day. He said that it will be ensured that both their lives and property be protected by all means and at every cost.

“To avert any untoward and unpleasant incident, special and exclusive arrangements would be made on the elections day while it would also be ensured that the polling material is transported to its destination all safe and under strict supervision.”

Beyond doubts, all eyes would be on the upcoming polls and therefore, the interim government would never want to be involved in any kind of controversies and that is why the security arrangements are their prime focus. Further, it has also been reported that Punjab becomes the first province to have completed the security arrangements well in time while the interim government has no issues over the security forces’ performance.

“Army troops, contingents of Pakistan, police commandoes and Rangers besides battalion of paramilitary forces would be equipped with sophisticated weapons. They’ll not only assist the Election Commission of Pakistan at polling station level but will also do the patrolling, covering all the sensitive areas throughout the province,” ensured Shoukat Javed.


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