Two more Pakistanis executed in Saudi Arabia, over capital crimes

RIYADH: The Saudi Interior Ministry announced on Thursday that two Pakistani nationals were executed over their involvement in multiple crimes. The ministry further conveyed that the bodies of the killed were crucified at a public park.

According to the country’s Interior Ministry’s statement, Adam Khan and Asad Mohammed Yousef Khan were found involved in a series of capital crimes. The statement read further that both the Pakistani nationals committed numerous capital crimes against dozens of expatriates residing in the Kingdom.

“Adam Khan and Yousef Khan were found guilty of assassination, robbery and theft,” reads the statement, adding “To reach their goals, these culprits used deceptive and delusionary tricks while after that, they used to get rid of their victims’ bodies.”

The statement said “Thanks to Allah the Almighty, our security authorities managed to apprehend the culprits. They were sent to justice, where they both pleaded guilty at all levels of litigation and thus were punished accordingly, under the Islamic Sharia law.”

This is not for the first time that any Pakistani resident of Saudi Arabia was executed. Every year, several Pakistanis face this severe punishment over the charges of heroin smuggling mostly.


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