Use One Click To Imran Khan App; and reach IK directly

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) introduces a new mobile application, allowing everyone to send their messages directly to their loved leader Imran Khan. One Click To Imran Khan App aims on helping PTI voters and supporters to approach IK regarding any issues faced by them in their constituency.

During his very recent interview with a local media outlet, a PTI Social Media Team official revealed that this is a wonderful effort by the creator of this app to help bridge the gap between PTI Chairman and his voters. Arslan Khalid, the Social Media Secretary PTI tells that the app is launched to allow the entire citizens of Pakistan to convey their messages directly to Imran Khan.

“The ‘One Click To Imran Khan App’ app will make it easier for PTI voters to [directly] write their key issues in their respective areas, to their leader,” said Arslan Khalid, adding “Imran Khan will respond back to the voters to address the issues of at least five to six people every day.”

Arslan Khalid made it clear that the PTI social media team will first shortlist the questions asked by people and then IK will call back and talk but to the selected users only, sending in the ‘best questions.’

The PTI social media team member was of the opinion that while other parties prefer to spend millions of rupees on sponsored posts, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has found a way of their own to reach a wider audience, through One Click To Imran Khan App.



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