Property clashes claimed 4 lives, left 1 injured too

Property clashes claimed 4 lives in two different incidents taking place respectively in Bara and Gujrat.

According to the details, at least three people lost their lives over a property dispute when a rival group’s armed people opened fire on the members of another group.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police said that reason behind the armed clash between the said two groups was ownership of a disputed piece of land, located in the Tehsil of Bara. The bodies of the victims were later shifted to an area hospital for postmortem.

In the second incident, at least one person was reported dead while another ended up wounded, also in property dispute. Jaral (Gujrat) police said that members of two rival groups, equipped with guns, exchanged fire on Saturday. As result of firing from both sides, at least one unidentified person lost his life while another member of the same group sustained bullet wounds. Reports suggest that the condition of the injury victim was critical. The local police managed to arrest one culprit and recovered weapons from him.

The body of the death victim was shifted to hospital for medico-legal formalities while the injured one was also shifted to the same medical facility.

In order to arrest the others involved, Gujrat police immediately started raids while a case was also registered against the detainee.


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