Education is much more than “Textbooks”


To whatever designation you stand today, you stand there because you have specialized education in that subject. But the real question is, Does learning 12 textbooks with relevant details actually make you qualified? Does reading and learning from text make you eligible enough to step into the practical life? Does finding the missing value of X in mathematical algebraic calculations help you solve the missing puzzle or missing tile to success in your life? In my perspective, the answer is NO, no it doesn’t. Now, I do believe in having textbooks support educational platforms but I do not believe in becoming bookworms. We live in the 21st century, the world all across Pakistan has reached unbelievable, tremendous advancements and our students here in Pakistan are still provided with guess papers to rote learn and attain degrees. If rote learning was a key to progression in life we would have been ranked in the most developed countries as yet.

My point here is practical learning. Experiencing what is taught in textbooks. These typically written text books that are being followed in almost every school around Pakistan has limited the thinking span of our generation. And this is the generation that knows how to operate a smartphone even before they can learn to talk. We are producing intellectual children and yet we are deteriorating their mind sharpness by limiting them to textbooks, exams, and rote learning.

Education doesn’t mean to pass every grade with distinction or exceptional grades. Education means to learn. Learn real-life skills, learn problem-solving skills, learn how to work in teams, experiment with how the human body operates, live through the learning experiences of our past and strive to make it better. Education is to teach students how to cope up with a failure. Education is learning morals, ethics, and code of conducts. Education is a lot more than “Textbooks”

We sit in roundtable meetings and we discuss how Pakistan is suffering from electricity crisis, crime rate issues, sewerage issues and so much more. One simple solution to all these issues is ‘EDUCATION’. We should educate our generation in such a manner that they help us make Pakistan a better place.

Let us all collaborate and make an educated generation and not millions of degree holders working like robots to meet their daily living expenses.



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