Imran Khan will be sworn in as Prime Minister after July 25

Imran Khan

The survey taken by from July 4-9 based on 18,136 respondents disclosed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will win a majority of seats in 2018 elections in center and consequently Imran Khan will be sworn in as 19th Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan after July 25. The status quo parties have already conceded their defeat and accepted PTI’s victory in the July 25 polls. Pakistani Human Rights groups backed by the western countries are truly confused and are claiming that the elections won’t be free and fair although they have no concrete proof for this allegation.

PTI’s rallies in last few days are a clear evidence that people of Pakistan have made up their mind to give majority seats to PTI in the national assembly and it is predicted that PTI will capture between 80 to 90 seats in Punjab, 20 to 25 seats in Sindh, 35 to 40 seats in KPK and FATA and at least 5 to 8 seats in rest of the provinces. Considering the huge rallies in last days of Imran Khan’s campaign, some political analysts are forecasting over whelming majority to PTI with over 180 seats in national parliament. For PTI to form a governing majority in the parliament they need 172 directly elected seats. (There are a total of 344 seats in NA out of which 272 are directly elected, 60 are reserved seats for technocrats, women etc and 12 are for minorities. So please check your numbers)

PTI has made seat adjustments with PMLQ (4), Awami Muslim League (2), Majlis Wahdatul Muslim (1) and Grand Democratic Alliance (10). There are over 100 candidates who are contesting elections as independent and historically about 25% of them can win their seats. Imran Khan has announced that his party would not seek any alliance with PMLN and PPP if they are short of governing numbers in the parliament and would prefer to sit in the opposition. In case PTI is short of few seats to form government, they may negotiate with parties with whom they made seat adjustments along with those who are Independent.

On the provincial scene, PTI has nominated 522 candidates, Punjab (277), Sindh (97), KPK (97), and Baluchistan (40). FATA’s provincial elections have been moved till after the general elections of July 25. There would be a tough competition in Punjab for PTI at the provincial level to win majority seats in the provincial assembly. However, the analysts feel that in view of the scandals and accusations circulating in the media against PMLN and especially Shahbaz Sharif, PMLN would not be able to acquire enough seats to form the government in Punjab. PTI would form a majority government in KPK while Sind and Baluchistan will form a mixed government of PPP, PTI, GDA and factions of MQM.

The installation of Imran Khan as a head of the government in Pakistan will bring a welcome revolution to our country. It is expected that within 24 to 48 hours of taking oath as Prime Minister, Imran Khan will place on Exit Control List (ECL) the names of leaders, bureaucrats, businessmen, traitors and those who are suspected of owning properties beyond their means, committing crimes, committing financial corruption, money laundering and such other illegitimate acts in past 35 years of PLMN and PPP regimes. Imran Khan is expected to round up over 300 allegedly corrupt leaders including those in Shariff, Zardari and Fazlur Rehman political parties, businessmen such as likes of Mian Muhammad Mansha, Malik Riaz, Ishaq Dar and their family members and traitors who are considered security risk for Pakistan and allegedly known as traitors such as Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Hussain Haqqani and Shakil Afridi.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE), State Bank of Pakistan and other agencies involved in controlling corruption in the country will be given free hand from the government to arrest and prosecute corrupt leaders and businessmen and seize their properties and funds sitting inside and outside Pakistan. Government is expected to recover trillions of dollars from convicted culprits and deposit it into the government treasury to pay circular debts and use for other development projects.

Skilled Overseas Pakistanis will be called to play an important role in strengthening the government of Imran Khan by assuming positions and leading government agencies and Bureaus to operate in honest and efficient manner and in corruption free environment. The police and other public security agencies will be reformed and made corruption free. Remunerations of low paid employees will be upgraded and millions of employment opportunities will be created by launching new projects in which candidates with merit will be hired. This will be a new Dawn for Pakistan and Pakistanis.


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