3 Food business including meatballs manufacturing unit sealed, 4000 meatballs, raw material discarded: PFA

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: As many as three food businesses were sealed by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) for producing and selling inferior quality food products. Whereas, PFA enforcement teams have discarded more than 1,450 kilograms unwholesome food, imposed fine on 81 and served 511 warning notices.

The action was taken against food business operators over substandard operations and non-compliance with the instructions of the authority despite the warnings to them for bringing improvement. But they always neglected the warnings and did not take it seriously, Spokesperson said.

According to detail, food safety team sealed a Naeem Kofta unit for preparing the poor quality meatballs in the filthy conditions. A unit was functional in the area of Bhogiwal. PFA Spokespersons said that stinky cooking oil and rusted vessels were being used in the manufacturing of meatballs. He further said that PFA foiled an attempt to supply of meatballs on local food points by confiscating 4,000 meatballs and raw material during the raid. Apart from that, workers of the shop did not have medical certificates.

A team of PFA also closed down ketchup production unit, located at Kharak Nala, for using chemicals and artificial flavours in the preparation of ketchup and mayonnaise. Meanwhile, tomatoes and eggs were not being used in it. PFA’s watchdogs also discovered the improper cleanliness arrangements and seized 900kg ready ketchup and 360 kg mayonnaise.

Besides, PFA enforcement team shut Data Chicken Sale Centre for not using cone slaughtering system, for using rusted freezers and due to an abundance of flies. A raid was conducted in the area of Chungi Amarsadhu.

Food Safety Teams have served warning notices for improvement on 511 food points.


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