Leave Your Suggestions For Improvement By Taking Biscuitville Catering Survey!

Like biscuits go hand in hand with tea, the Biscuitville Catering Company is known for the products and services they provide to their customers. The company cares about the level of satisfaction of their patrons. They want to create an enjoyable environment for everyone that is why the Biscuitville Catering Survey was created. The survey is no longer available but it was previously on www.biscuitvillecatering.com

Biscuitville Catering


Biscuitville Catering is a restaurant chain that operates in the United States. They serve southern-style cuisine and are famous for their breakfast. The company is present in North Carolina and Virginia. They are know for the hand-made biscuits which gave it the name. Biscuitville used to be called Pizzaville but the name changed 40 years ago because their pizza was not selling as well as the biscuits.


There are certain things you need in order to take the Biscuitville Catering Survey. First of all a receipt or invitation with the survey code should be in hand. Other than that, the person taking the survey has to be over 18 years old. A stable internet connection and device that can connect to the website is needed in order to take the survey.



If you have been to Biscuitville Catering recently and want to take their survey then here is a step-by-step guide for you containing the instructions. You will know how to answer the questions as well as claim your reward.

  1. Open the Biscuitville Catering Survey website by clicking on the following link biscuitvillecatering.com
  2. Enter the number of the store you visited as mentioned on the receipt.
  3. Answer questions about your experience at the restaurant as truthfully as possible
  4. At the end of the survey you will be given a validation code. Copy it down on the receipt and present it at the restaurant to claim your reward.



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