Best Auto Insurance Rates in California That You Can Get!

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California itself is one of the most expensive states in United States of America. So much so that the real estate in California is barely affordable by most people and so they need to opt for mortgages to cover the extra payments. Now California also has a competing market of auto insurance and so it has one of the largest car insurance market in United States of America as well. On average the various car insurance companies will cost you varying sums depending on the type of insurers that they are and the different cities they belong to. However, after a long analysis we found out some of the best auto insurance rates in California for you. And so in this article we will look more into it.

With an extensive analysis, it was discovered that there is no fixed car insurance cost for all. Instead, the cost of the auto insurance and the rates depend on the area where you live in, the car that you are driving and so on. That just means that by the end, the cost of insuring a car can vary between companies by a margin of thousands of dollars. And so, in order to get best auto insurance rates in California, shopping around for auto insurance has proven to be the best method. Now, if you already have various companies in your mind, you can just visit their website and get yourself a quote. A quote is very easy, all you need is your zip code and car information to get quotes and start comparing them to other car insurance companies in your area. Otherwise, we have a list of best auto insurance rates in California according to the companies! And so, we can look into them together as well.

car insurance

Best Auto Insurance Rates in California: The Companies

  • The first company that we can recommend is Nationwide which offers you an annual rate of $1,137 on average. That makes this insurance quite cheap when broken down into further sums according to months. Out of our list, this is by far the cheapest auto insurance you can find with added discounts if you have no record of a defaulter.
  • Then comes Century National auto insurance company with an annual rate of $1,162.
  • You can get an average annual rate of $1,211 by GEICO.
  • Grange insurance will offer you an average annual rate of $1,357.
  • State Farm offers an average annual insurance rate of $1,453

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