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Looking for a cheap car insurance in California might sound odd to you. That is because California itself is one of the most expensive states in United States of America and the basic insurance rate that you can get in California is actually higher when compared with the basic quotes of the other insurance rates you can get in various states. However, in the context of California without the comparing you do have the option of getting yourself a cheap car insurance in California. In this article, we will be mentioning various companies based in California that can help you find the best deals in town. The rates that you get through them vary from one company to another. However, the estimates are cheaper when compared with the expensive car insurance in California. We have researched and the following is what we came up with!

Cheap Car Insurance in California

Now when it comes to cheap car insurance in California, there is a separate set of insurance companies that work well with drivers that are considered good. And so the following list is going to talk about insurance companies for cars that are more suitable to good drivers. And do not forget, they are cheap!

  • The first car insurance company based in California that offers cheap rates to good drivers is ensurance by Allstate Company. Through them, you only have to pay an average estimate of $1,264 each year. Divide this sum to per month charges and you will feel lucky!
  • Similarly, we have another company called Mercury Insurance will offers an annual average sum of $1,279.
  • Then we have Geico which is a little pricier when compared with the other two companies. This insurance company in California will charge you a sum of $1,343 per year. However, the insurance is still cheaper when coming from a very established company.

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What is best about these companies is that along with cheap car insurance in California, they will also offer you additional discounts if you have no crash record and less points on your license. Now if you are a young driver in California, it only makes sense that you are looking for cheap car insurance in California. So, the following list is concerned with such companies:

  • For young drivers, Geico offers a car insurance that is only $531 per year on average.
  • Then Mercury insurance offers a slightly higher rate of $684 per year.
  • Lastly, ensurance by Allstate Company offers a more expensive car insurance when compared with the other two. On average you can get a car insurance worth $703 per year.


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