Get redeemable coupon by filling the Peet’s Coffee & Tea Survey

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is the best coffee in town. Have a refreshing cup of tea or coffee in the morning and automatically you will feel great all day. And if you already have visited the café, then keep the receipt save with you. It will help you to fill their online survey that is present by the name of Peet’s Coffee & Tea Survey. Share your honest opinion with the company and let them know how their services were like at the café.

About Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee was founded in the year 1966 by Alfred Peet and its headquarters are present in Emeryville, California. The products that are available here at the Peet’s coffee shops are coffee beans, coffee beverages, food and tea. More than 5000 employees work for this company. So if you are in a mood to drink coffee, then visit Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Step by Step Protocol filling the Peet’s Coffee & Tea Survey

The steps of filling the Peets & Coffee Survey are the easiest and it will not consume much of your time. Follow the steps present below as they are and surely you will have no problem at all.

  • Keep the receipt of Peet’s Coffee & Tea café with you. You can throw it once you fill the survey
  • Then get yourself a device like a smart phone and connect to internet. Make sure that it will not disconnect in half way.
  • Then, open the link below and the main page Peet’s Coffee & Tea Survey will open in front of you.

  • Start by entering the 16-digit code that is there on your survey. Press ‘Start’ and then on the next page tell the type of your visit.
  • Press ‘Next’ and tell what did you buy at the café.
  • Then, rate your satisfaction from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Your honest opinion is essential so kindly read the questions carefully.
  • Also tell what was the primary reason for your visit.
  • Then, provide your personal data lie name, contact number, email address etc.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and you will get a offer code. Save it and redeem on your next visit.

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