Pakistani Online Shoppers are Only Loyal to Discounts:

Pakistani Women Tend to Shop More Than Men

Are you a keen online buyer who is constantly in search of discounts and packages? Do sales and deals attract you more than anything while shopping online? Well, you aren’t alone because that’s how every online buyer is like. There isn’t a shred of doubt in the fact that we have been converted into a consumer society. Because you, as a customer, are highly magnetized with slogans such as “30% off”, “50% off”, “limited time offer”, etc, you are constantly bombarded with notifications and messages from your favorite brands. This post aims to highlight the fact that Pakistani buyers are only loyal to discounts and deals.

What is the Psyche of an Online buyer?

Long gone are the days when people used to step out and spend hours shopping. People nowadays are busy and they rarely have time to bargain and negotiate in the market. Moreover, it’s an era of technology and advancement and everything is right at your fingertips nowadays. People are even earning by staying home and are heavily relying on technology for everything. The technology has let people live their lives on their own terms and conditions. Because the buyer is so much at peace while shopping online, his demands have increased and he expects a lot from sellers. Keeping the psyche in mind, the ecommerce businesses have altered their strategies as per the customers’ needs and demands and are doing exactly what they want. Since the buyer doesn’t need anything as much as he is keen for discount packages, the seller strategically plans everything, accordingly. According to a statement by team, their strategy to promote sellers offering products at low prices have succeeded drastically and boosted their online conversions.

The Strategy of “Customer is Always Right”

In the world of business, successful is the one who makes what customer asks, not what he himself likes. It is very likely that something that a businessman wants to make is superior in quality than what customer is asking for. However, the smarter approach would be to do what the buyer needs. That’s where the success of business holds-Understanding the psyche of customers! In the ecommerce world, there is a famous saying that the “customer is always right” even when he is wrong. Do what he is willing to buy because that’s where your money will come from.

Furthermore, there is a downside of technological advancement that the better it is, the weaker the customer relationship. Therefore, it is challenging for the ecommerce business to maintain customer loyalty because the buyer buys remotely. Therefore, discounts and sales are abundantly announced and pull you towards them. Since it has become a massively prevalent trend, the buyers, especially in Pakistan, are only loyal towards the sales and discounts.

How Customer Loyalty is Gained and Maintained?

The first step to gaining customer loyalty is ensuring his satisfaction. Once a buyer is satisfied with your products and services, he feels secure in buying again from you. The process continues and he ultimately becomes loyal to you. What is more, the next step to gaining customer loyalty is to maintain it. This is done by keeping the quality constant and announcing packages and deals every now and then. So, are you ready to buy from the next big sale?


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