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23rd November is here and your wait is over now! You can enjoy the biggest shopping festival of the year throughout the weekend. Just as all over the world, the eve is being celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Pakistan as well. Both the online and physical stores have announced jaw-dropping packages on the Blessed Friday. However, the best among all is live at Getnow.pk in which, the product range is vast and quality and prices are guaranteed. Visit the store now and avail the opportunity of saving a handsome amount of money.

Why Do We Celebrate Blessed Friday?

Blessed Friday is the biggest shopping festival celebrated throughout the world. It is commemorated on the first day after the Thanksgiving holiday and is the first day of Christmas shopping. Started in the U.S.A., the trend popularized in the neighboring countries and then throughout the world. The aim of this eve is to make Christmas shopping fun and affordable to everyone. Originally called the Black Friday, we, as Muslims, renamed it as the Blessed Friday out of respect of the day (as Friday is considered as the Holiest day of the week). We celebrate it with the world on 23rd November every year and enjoy it a great deal.

Why Should You Avail the Blessed Friday Sale at Getnow.pk?

Getnow.pk is a customer-friendly online store and that means it is economically-friendly. Even during the routine days, prices are affordable for regular buyers. However, it keeps on bringing discounts to its customers; therefore, the buyers love the store so much. It brings exciting offers especially during the occasions to make your events fun and memorable. The store kept its ritual this year as well and brought the amazing Blessed Friday sale where prices are reduced up to 90%. So, you now have an opportunity of saving almost 80-90% of your actual amount that makes a handsome amount altogether.

The products available on sale include HD night vision glasses, hair building fibers, nose shapers, lighters, e-Quran, keypad mobile phones, hair removing and fitness products, massagers, lice combs, tablets, and much more. In short, it pretty much includes everything a buyer frequently buys. So, you may not need the items now, but you will surely need them later on. Therefore, buy now and save for later.

The quality at Getnow.pk remains the same even when the price reduces. This is something that you won’t get at other stores. Other than that, you don’t even have to step out of your home to get such quality items. All you have to do is order a product and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep. You can also contact the customer care department any time you want and ask the queries that you have in your mind related to the products and services. The items are dispatched at just the normal pace even during the Blessed Friday sale and there aren’t any delays despite the seasonal rush. Therefore, visit the website now and avail the exciting deal and enjoy your holiday.


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