Pakistani E-commerce Companies Expanding into New Business Avenues

pakistan e-commerce trends

We all know that when it comes to food, ordering online is the most convenient way to do it. But, did you know that there are things besides food that can be ordered online too? These could be groceries, books, cosmetics, and even medicine. This might not be an extraordinary idea for the world as Amazon and Ebay have already made that dream a reality but when it comes to Pakistan, receiving what you ordered from these online stores within a day or two is still a fantasy. You still have to go to a bookstore to see whether the book you wanted is available or not. Going to a pharmacy when you are not feeling well is still a norm. Getting makeup when you have a jam packed schedule every day is a hassle of its own. Thanks to technology, everything is available online now.

Offering Variety to Different Consumers at the websites

Exploring new avenues is what very few companies do.  Companies like,, OLX, are offering items related to property, household items, personal care and healthcare all under one roof. The catch is that all these websites have a different combination of items that can be bought. So, in case you are thinking about food and you open you might want to buy your favourite book at a discount or a beauty item that you have longed for and get your delivery charges minimised.

E-commerce Websites Bringing Exclusivity to Life  

All companies battle to be exclusive as it lets them have a bigger slice than their competitors. You would see someone claiming to have the lowest costs, the fastest speed or even the best rewards. Apps like Foodpanda have a huge number of restaurants that they segregate according to the area you live in and recommend options. Daraz, Kaymu and other online stores offer variety. Cheetay’s delivery process has a beauty of its own. Once you order through its website, it gives you real-time tracking information regarding the order and rider. Such optimised delivery process along with variety in products provides an extraordinary experience to the customers.

Apps/Websites Changing Consumer attitudes and Vice Versa

Companies make their processes transparent to make strong relations with their customers. Your trust in Uber and Careem is building a positive word-of-mouth which in turn is attracting a wide customer base. OLX is doing a great job in bringing the buyers and sellers together in a marketplace. Then there is Cheetay that keeps asking “kyaChahiye?”, which in other words means that you can ask them to get just anything! They will deliver items that you put in your cart and those that you mention while you are paying. These kind of e-Commerce services are luring consumers towards a unique virtual shopping experience that can be done anywhere and at any time.

With ever evolving consumer attitudes due to technology and the concept of self-service changing the nature of employment, new business opportunities are arising in the e-Commerce world. The fast-paced life is leaving little room for outdoor activities such as shopping and dining. Therefore, last-mile e-commerce platforms such as Cheetay in Lahore is operating to bring everything that you would need and want closer to you.


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