Trump playing cards very sanely

Mansoor Afaque

KARACHI: Eminent columnist Mansoor Afaque has in his latest Urdu column published in daily Jang today said that China and Russia wanted USA to invade Afghanistan after 9/11. They wanted to see USA’s economy sink forever.

Recently, he continued to write, The US President Trump has wished to meet Pakistani PM Imran Niazi. That wish of his has awakened the Chinese drowned in deep slumber. Trump’s meeting with PM Niazi might change the course of history.

Chinese are very much concerned and they want US to stay in Afghanistan. But, Trump is very sharp and has recently stated that if Russia, China and India are not in Afghanistan against war on terror then the US would also not be in Afghanistan.

He wrote that President Kennedy was the one who dared confronting with the Pentagon and now Trump is confronting it and in case he successfully pulls US troops from Afghanistan, none could challenge him for next five years.


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