Win $4000 Sears Gift Card By Filling the Sears Canada Survey!

We are sure that you must have visited Sears once in a while to purchase your products of daily use. Sears want to know whether you liked the environment or not. What were your likes and dislikes regarding their products, services, quality and various other aspects as well. In this regard, Sears Canada Survey is being held at Fill the survey and help Sears improve.

The benefit of taking the Sears Canada Survey

As a result of filling the Sears Canada Survey, you will get a chance to enter the sears Contest and win a $400 Sears gift card. There is also a $1000 prize for the lucky winners.

About Sears Canada

Sears Canada is a well-known retail store. It operates and all the provinces and territories across Canada. The product that Sears sells includes clothing, footwear, furniture, beddings, beauty products, appliances, and various other things.

What You Must Have to Fill the Sears Canada Survey Successfully

You are required to make sure that you are done with the following list of essentials if you really want to complete the survey successfully.

  1. A charged PC/laptop or mobile phone.
  2. Good internet connection with the device being used.
  3. Link to the website.
  4. A decent understanding of either English or language of your province.
  5. A receipt of your recent purchase from Sears Canada.

How to Fill the Sears Canada Survey

  1. To start filling Sears Canada Survey you need to open the following link in your browser.
  3. Choose the language that you better understand and use in your province.
  4. Take a look at the previous list of winners to add to your information.
  5. You have to choose your favorite category at Sears.
  6. Answer all the questions that appear on your screen very honestly and candidly.
  7. Once you are done with the Sears Canada Survey you will automatically get a chance to win the Sears Canada gift card worth $4000.

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