Haggen Survey Offers You To Get This $100 Prize Card!


With the busy routine, we always go for something quick. Something that you can get faster will save you time and you won’t be late for all your deadlines. Yes, we’re talking about what you put in your body. But we both know that you’re being unhealthy and in order to tackle the stress in your life and to meet your targets, your health comes first. If you are someone who has already realized this, you must have begun making your own food to consume. And where better to go shop for organic ingredients than Haggen supermarket, right? So, if you have recently purchased something from Haggen, you are now eligible for the Haggen survey that you can open from www.haggen.com/survey.

With this survey, not only will you be sharing your two cents with the company on how to become better at serving you, but you will also be allowing yourself to win something amazing at the end!

What am I getting with Haggen Survey?

With the Haggen survey, you get a chance to take home a $100 gift card. This gift card can be used the next time you come and shop with Haggen. Just imagine all the fresh produce you can get in $100 and you do not even have to take your wallet out for this one! Because Haggen understands that you took time and energy to help them out.

Let’s start the Haggen survey now then

To begin with the survey, just make sure you have your recent receipt with you. Now follow our steps:

  1. You will open your browser and then go to http://www.haggen.com/survey
  2. Once the page opens, you can begin by entering your transaction number, your survey code, your store number, the amount you spent among other details.
  3. Then you will click on Start to begin answering the survey questions. Make sure you are honest with your response that will be based on your recent experience with Haggen markets.
  4. Finish up and submit.

Share your contact details to have your name entered in the prize draw.



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