Get redeemable £100 gift cards with Boots Survey now before it expires!

If any company out there wants to know how their customers feel when they leave their shop, they know about surveys. Surveys are a great tool to understand your customers and to find out ways to improve your business. Otherwise, companies only end up losing its strong customer base. Which is why Boots understands that it needs to hear its customers’ speak. And so we have the Boots survey open at now to receive feedback from customers. Not just that, but the Boots survey comes with something that will make you feel appreciated! So, don’t miss this chance to splurge at Boots because these surveys are not open for responses forever!


Learn about Boots

Boots is a large corporation and it also has its own Boots Pharmacy. Here you get good quality health consultancy and you can also visit Boots pharmacy for its beauty store. A member of Alliance Boots, they aim is to help their customers not only look but feel better too. Boots Pharmacy now has more than 2,500 stores, ranging from local community pharmacies to large destination stores for health and beauty!

What Boots survey brings to you

Boots gives you an opportunity to share your feedback. But in order to show you just how grateful they are for your response, Boots also give you the chance to win £200 worth of Advantage card points. If you can’t win that you can always enter the prize draw to win £100 gift cards for Boots!

How to attempt the Boots survey successfully:

  1. In order to make sure you complete the Boots Survey, you should visit
  2. On the page, after you read all the information given, go ahead and enter the 15-digit survey entry code from your recent receipt.
  3. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  4. Then you will answer some questions like ‘how was your experience?’ and so on based on your recent exposure.
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction honestly as well.
  6. When you reach the end, submit your response.

This survey is currently expired. But we’ll be back soon!


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