Securitas vs G4S: Quick Comparison

The firms like Securitas and G4S are a provider of security services based in Stockholm and England respectively. These organizations are amongst the largest security companies. G4S has lately emerged from a five year turnaround period and is currently planning to improve the growth.

Both of the companies, Securitas and G4S seemed to show a potential for some great positive returns. This article accentuates which company is offering exceptional potential return and the various risk characteristics.

A Quick Comparison between Securitas Vs G4S

Because of the heavy organic growth in its electronics division, Securitas provides 1% CAGR over three years. It is expected to multiply the decrease from the current 16.3x underlying profits to 15x but implied 3% organic growth while the organization’s center business and exceptional growth in its electronic security section.

However, in the case of G4S, the quotation arrived on a more moderate 8% CAGR over a similar period. It was set to decrease 2.6 turns in evaluation, and the organic growth was set at a similar dimension as Securitas’. The executives have guided over that, at 4-6% organically per annum.

Looking into that, the definite answer must be ‘take the highest expected return’. Although there are various warnings that you might want to consider. Firstly, the evaluations show that similar base environment i.e. 3% organic but the multiple contractions represent two different levels of danger, and the higher anticipated growth in Securitas; valuation might be testified for increasing risk.

Moreover, their secondary business segments are entirely different. G4S has the cash in transit business while Securitas is heavily endorsing its technology business. Securitas can be a better option in this regard for being bearish on cash use. Securitas has more sales which result in the high price-to-sales ratio. Securitas reports in Swedish Krona while G4S reports in Great British pounds. Keeping in mind this, Securitas has a 10% biggest market cap as compared to G4S.


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