What is a Pay Stub?

Pay stub can be construed as a form of pay check which enlists all the information regarding the employees’ salary. It evaluates the income that an employee made in the duration of their working.

Pay stub describes taxes and various other deductions that are deducted from an employee’s salary. Pay stub contains information regarding the net pay of the employee which is basically the amount of money that an employee gets as their salary. An employee can receive a printed or electronic pay stub. It is requisite in various states to provide its employees a pay stub.

Details that should be mentioned on the Pay stub differs from state to state. In order to keep your payroll records, an employee can have a version of every payroll stub.  Pay stub carries information that can be beneficial for both the workers and employers. For an employee, a paystub is a record regarding their salary.

Through reviewing the pay stub an employee can ensure that they received the correct amount of money as their salary, they can also evaluate the reasons any deductions were made and avoid them in the future. For an employer a paystub is beneficial because they can settle disparities that might occur within the salary of an employee.

An employer who has any query regarding the employee’s pay, they can have a look on payroll pay stub. A paystub includes various details so an employer and employee can record the income and debit. Mostly, the things on the paystub include taxes, deductions, gross wages and net pay. Gross wages can be construed as the initial point of the employee’s pay. Hours work are the number of hours an employee has worked. The pay rate is the amount an employee receives per hour. Gross pay is the total amount of wages that an employee has earned prior to the deductions.


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