Securitas ePay Access Playbook

Securitas ePay is a name that needs no introduction for every employee working in a renowned firm is acquainted with its specialities in terms of its Online Employee Portal. This platform allows employers to stay online and keep a check, balance and even manage the respective payroll of their employees. What is unique about Securitas ePay is that their service is totally hassle-free and no significant complaints have ever put any of the Securitas ePay users under distress.

How can one access their Securitas ePay Account?

  • How can one access Securitas ePay online?
  1. Visit this link from your web browser and then obey the steps compiled below to access your Securitas ePay account
  2. On the main page type in your SSN (Social Security Number)
  3. You will then be asked to give your Birth Date which will then automatically become your personal PIN

The PIN will be set in the following format [mm/dd/yy]

  1. Once the default PIN has been set you will be asked to make a new PIN. This new PIN has to be between 6-8 keyboard characters and must only have numbers.
  2. You must then choose an Option presented in from to log in to your account to see the following details:
  • Review your Pay-Stubs
  • Verification of your Earnings
  • Personal Details
  • How can one access Securitas ePay online?
  1. In order to access your Securitas ePay account via phone, you need to dial this from your phone 866-604-3729
  2. Then dial your SSN (Social Security Number)
  3. After this dial your Birth Date which will be set as your PIN in the following format [mm/dd/yy]
  4. Now you will be required to set a new PIN which has to be at least 6 and maximum 8 characters but must only be based on Numbers.
  5. Once this is done do the following exercise from your phone according to what you need to do:
  • Dial ‘1’ for Pay Stub Review or to get a copy of Pay Stub In Fax
  • Dial ‘4’ to see the update on your Fax copy request in case you have placed a request previously
  • Dial ‘5’ if you wish to change your PIN
  • Dial ‘#’ if you wish to listen to the menu again
  • Dial ‘*’ to finish the call
  • Dial ‘0’ if you wish to get in touch with a Customer Representative

What to do if you forget your Securitas ePay Password?

It is a common ritual that once a new password is set at any online platform a lot of people tend to forget it and then roam around in panic hence it is important to know the procedure of retrieving it. If you ever forget your Securitas ePay login password these are simple steps you need to follow to retrieve it:

  1. Visit this web link directly from your web page
  2. Then right on the main page enter your Securitas ePay username
  3. Hit the button “Submit” present at the bottom right corner
  4. The password retrieval details will then appear in front of you which you need to follow
  5. Enjoy setting a new password and do not forget it this time!

Some Salient Features of Securitas ePay


Hardly any employee portal service in the world gives a 24/7 access to employee payroll details at the device of employer’s convenience with the exception of Securitas ePay. In addition to that here are some top-notch features of Securitas ePay:

  • Employees can get an overview of their payroll before the salary transfer date
  • Employees can access their payment histories for last three years
  • Employees can enjoy exclusive price offs on major brands such as Verizon and even Apple
  • Employees can also access their full payment using any Visa Bank in the country with free of cost check cash
  • All clients will be provided an all day and all week customer support access on their payments and other services of Securitas ePay
  • All the transaction details will be safeguarded by Securitas ePay under the strictest of security measures.

If these attractive features of Securitas ePay aren’t enough to grab your attention let’s move ahead and get to know more about Securitas ePay.

Enjoy more than one way to get your Payroll

Hate cashing paper checks? No issues because Securitas ePay is offering more than one method of accessing payrolls.

  • Use Electronic Direct Deposit

Employees can enjoy depositing all electronic funds in their bank accounts without having to go through the hassle of physically transferring money or using a check. This can help you access your funds using any bank you want.

  • Use the Pay Card

Pay Card is essentially a prepaid card where employers can directly deposit the payments of their employees for every salary transfer day. This option is best for those employees who have a concern using their bank account. This can let employees cash their money using ATMs and their debit cards.

Top Services offered by Securitas ePay

Securitas ePay offers infinite convenient services for all their users but the most frequently used and famous ones are listed below:


  • Service that includes guarding on site for the employers and employees
  • The most stringent of electronic security services y services
  • Provides safety in regards to any fire hazards
  • Takes into account all the corporate risks
  • The services of providing guardianship remotely
  • Service of guarding via mobile

How does Securitas ePay manage to stay on top?

In order to maintain their leading hegemony in the world, Securitas ePay has managed to deliver only the best and consistent quality services to their clients all across the world which has helped them maintain long term healthy relations with all their customers.

Moreover, another focal reason due to which Securitas ePay has managed to stay on the top is because of their innovative ideas to deal with their client who has enabled the company in providing the most efficient, feasible and affordable employee portal services online. Hence it is only Securitas ePay that has provided a simplified employee payroll to all their clients without any major hassles that otherwise users have to face without the convenience of an online payroll for their employees.

What are some of the other major perks of using Securitas ePay?

All the employees who make use of the services of Securitas ePay are qualified to access a huge range of services in chosen outlets or brands but Securitas ePay is famous for their services on Apple products, Verizon devices and even Sprint which is a major perk if you go on our advice!

What are some of the common problems and their solutions offered by Securitas ePay?

  • Easy access paystub information on ePay

You can access your paystub easily online anytime you want. All you have to do is visit their online website. However, there are other ways to access them. You can either do it by your phone by simply calling them on 866-604-3729.

As soon as you enter their website you will be asked to enter your social security number and the password or PIN you made. Not to forget your PIN will be your date of birth the first time you enter ePay but your password can always be changed later. So if you have are logging in the first time, this is something you need not to worry about.

Following these steps will help you easily access paystub information on ePay.

  • When can you access your paystub information?

Any person thinking of checking his paystub detail should know that he/she can easily check it online as well as through phone but before your regular pay date.

  • Should passwords be changed often?

Changing passwords with time is a good thing to do in case you want your account and privacy to be safe. But make sure you remember your password after changing it. Any person thinking of changing his password to his account safe will be able to change it after every 90 days.

  • Differences between payroll information provided on phone than the information provided online

Although there’s not much of a difference when it comes to your personal information because it can never change even if you change your source. However, the format can be different. In other words, a person viewing his information online will be able to view a proper and detailed summary of his paystub and a person checking it through telephone will be able to hear his paystub information that will only include his net pay and the check date.

  • Returning to the main menu

If you have visited the online website and think that you have went a long way far then all you have to do is see the Main Menu link option provided there. Simply click on the website and this will take you to the first screen of the homepage of the website. You can also do it by simply clicking on the Back button from your browser.

  • Changing your address

Changing your address won’t be an issue with Securitas ePay. Although your address is always updated by Securitas ePay but if you have ended up in a situation where you are unable to change your address then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit any nearest branch you have.
  2. You can also contact the local branch.
  3. Once you have visited the branch simply request them to change or update your address on their record.
  4. Your address will then be successfully changed from your profile that you can always check later.
  • Customer Service for ePay users

In order to provide best possible services and solve all your queries, Securitas has made a proper customer service provider with best representatives which will help you in all sorts of problems you’re facing. In order to contact Securitas you can simply call them on 866-604-3729 and all your problems will be solved.

  • Getting your paystub’s hardcopy

If a person wants to get a hardcopy or in other words a printed copy of their paystub they can simply visit the website and see a gray box with a printer in the upper left corner of the page. Click on the icon will open another box. Choose the options you want and get your printed copy easily.

Also, PDF version of a person’s paystub is also available if you click the Adobe PDF icon.

  • Printed copy through telephone

No laptop or computer? No worries! Now you can also get a proper printed copy of your paystub by simply contacting Securitas via phone. All you have to do is ask the customer service to post you a printed copy and he will do it.

  • Accessing paystub even in the current pay period

Accessing your paystub online and phone is easy. A person can keep a proper check on his paystubs of up to three years.

  • Personal information and email addresses

A lot of you might be wondering why your email address box is left blank when you visit your account’s personal information section online. Well, this is left for people who want to allow Securitas to notify them via email.

Since a lot of people avoid getting notifications from the company, this is an option for people who are willing to receive them. Securitas ePay respects your privacy and your email address will never be shared with anyone and all sorts of things that you need to be notified about will be sent to you.

Top 5 Competitors of Securitas ePay

  • ADP Workforce

ADP Workforce is a top-notch competition for Securitas ePay that provides simple payroll management services using the procedures as outlined in ACA (Affordable Care Act) in order to manage their employees from a remote place. ADP Workforce is a simplified but a potent source that is assisting companies in managing their employee payroll details but still Securitas ePay has managed to remain on the top.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Quickbooks Desktop Pro is another competitor for Securitas ePay. This is a system which provides the service of managing a company’s finance at one single platform, using this service you can easily track your money trails, see your bank imports and stay up to date regarding your taxation details or any kinds of dues. Now even though QuickBooks Desktop Pro is providing a wide variety of services and offers but does not stand par with the efficiency of Securitas ePay.

  • UltiPro

UltiPro is one of those names in the list that is indeed a competition to Securitas ePay providing a cloud-based employee payroll service and allows users to get their work simplified and then ultimately lets companies enhance their workforce productivity on a global scale however Securitas ePay once is more efficient at it.

  • Workday HCM

Workday HCM which in its full form is Human Capital Management is constructed on a unitary platform that has one data source, a sole model for security and a unique experience for its users. This service also provides a payroll solution which is cloud-based and is designed to cater to the evolving needs of any business in today’s market. Having said that Workday HCM still has not matched the efficiency at which Securitas ePay operates in today’s world.

  • Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is also a name that can be included in the competitor’s list for Securitas ePay and offers a service that decreases the hindrances and risks involved with operating one’s own payroll while promises to provide users with complete accuracy and an updated version of all taxation rates. It also stays up to date on other regulatory details regarding financial transfers. Once again as you may have guessed even Paychex Flex has not managed to topple over Securitas ePay.


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