Health benefits of Papaya


Papaya is majorly consumed as one of the tropical fruit and also known as papaw or pawpaw. Papaya tree is native to Southern Mexico and Central America but now it is grown in all subtropical and tropical regions. Papayas have two major types: Mexican and Hawaiian papayas. The papayas with great yellow skin and small size are known as Hawaiian papayas. Are you confused about buying papaya that which one you select? Always select one that is little green but mostly yellow to fully ripen at home. If your papaya is bright yellow it is fully ripe.Benefits of Papaya

Prevent Cancer

One of the greatest advantages of papaya is the presence of anti-cancer properties in it. Eating papaya will prevent the growth of a tumor. The presence of beta-carotene in papayas give essential protection to our body against colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Prevent Heart Disease

Papaya is also the good source of potassium that maintains the blood pressure and average heart rate. Its important property is the presence of antioxidants that save your heart from stopping cholesterol accumulation in the blood arteries.

Boost Immunity

Papaya is known as the great source of vitamin C. If you take one papaya, it will fulfill your daily need over 200%. This large intake of vitamin C in body will boost the immune system of your body and also arouses the activity of other antioxidants

Relieve Arthritis Pain

Along with vitamin C, it has anti-inflammatory enzymes that assist in giving relief to different types of arthritis. According to a study, the deficiency of vitamin C will make your body three times more vulnerable to have arthritis.


Promote Weight Loss

Majority of you are tensed about your weight, so papaya is the good option for all those as it is low in calories. It is also the very good choice of any healthy snack as salad or yogurt. Eating the full bowl of ripe papaya will make it a diet-friendly snack for you.

Improve Digestion

It also contains some enzymes which are known as papain that serves your body and assists in digestion by enhancing the nutrient absorption and breaking down proteins. It is also a good choice for dealing with constipation.

Improve Eyesight

It unlimited properties also includes vitamin A along with different flavonoids like zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene. All these flavonoids are considered as the basic needs for eye health. Both zeaxanthin and lutein assist your body and prevents any occurring of eye disease.

Skin Care

All those who are worried or conscious about their skin, do not forget to add papaya in their daily diet. It has many healthy and great components which serve your skin’s issues in the best way. Vitamin C and A in papaya will keep your skin wrinkles free and healthy.

Nourish Hair

Being the great source of many significant minerals and vitamins, papaya can boost your hair growth. A volume of hair is the major concern of some people and papaya deals this issue well.

Fight Infections

Papaya seeds and fruits are very effective in dealing with the viral infection and bacteria in the digestive tract. Research showed that Papaya seed juice fights and kills bacteria.Benefits of Papaya


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