Where Do Pakistan and India Stand In Healthcare Today


Pakistan and India being the neighbors, share the same nature of issues too and in terms of development, they stand at the similar situation too. In many areas, India is doing better than Pakistan and vice versa. It will not be wrong if we stay that in most fields Pakistan takes the lead. When we give and over look to the whole situation, it does not look very good. Situations do get better but the issue is that we do not have right people to address the inequalities. Whatever happens, education and health inequality is higher in India as compared to Pakistan.

When it comes to statistics, here’s what they have to say:

Quality of life comparison done by Numbeo ranks Pakistan on 105th whereas India stands on 115. Moreover, according to NationMaster India is ranked 4 times better than Pakistan in quality of life. But when it comes to happiness, Pakistan beats India. According to Forbes ranks Pakistan on 67th and India on 140th position. 

These rankings do matter, but on the papers only. We need to focus on what we really are doing for the people. Improving ourselves on the charts only never works, what matters is that we are actually contributing to make it better.

People living in cities are somehow able to manage their living and health. undoubtedly, they are too facing issues which are not addressed but people living in the rural areas are at a higher risk of malnutrition. Plus they have no access to basic healthcare. We keep ignoring these the risks keep getting higher day by day. There were times when every other official started introducing basic incentives for healthcare, but they never succeeded in generating a positive outcome. 

It isn’t something to be proud of how both the countries have been labelled as ‘low-middle-income nations’ by global financial institutions like IMF and the World. Despite being the worst healthcare states, both the countries have always been prepared to spend heavily on the defence against each other. Furthermore, majority of the population from both countries earn below the margin of average wage rates in the world. The real war starts when someone questions about what these two states are doing for their healthcare?

Undoubtedly, India has more medical tourism because of their experienced doctors and treatments but if compare health and hygiene quality, Pakistan is way to better than India. Just like these, there are various areas Pakistan is doing better in. But everyone demands outcome. This is exactly when we start answering what exactly have we done for the healthcare system of our country?

I have come across a few ventures from all around the world, which are actually serving humanity. I am very glad to mention that a few of them are from Pakistan too. 

“Healthcare in Pakistan is a challenging issue, which needs to be addressed by the leadership”

Such as: IOnlineDoctor, SteadyMD, LiveHealth Online are working on different areas internationally and Marham proudly serving the people of Pakistan. The platforms like Marham are rarely found in Pakistan. To my surprise, they are serving a huge audience through their website, Facebook page, Facebook group and mobile apps. 

Similarly, startups like Nutright, Sehat.pk and Dawaai.pk are working for the same cause. These healthcare startups have helped us a lot to improve our rankings and they are a reason we are also better in the healthcare as compared to the neighbouring country. 

It is a perfect example how one thing can change a whole relevant area of work. Marham is serving a large population and also the people in rural areas through their online consultation. They have tried to make every possible thing available for people who do not have access to basic health needs. We need to put people and their needs ahead of every ‘so called’ important issues. Regardless of what these startups are doing, there’s still a huge area of needs to be covered. When will we start listening to them?

In these bleak circumstances, every institute, every provider needs help and support from their leaderships. If they don’t listen of pay attention to this, unfortunately, things keep getting worse. Because of this, we intentionally waste all the efforts done by startups like Marham. For how long do you expect someone to work all by their selves? Our past leaderships have always pretended to be deaf and blind unless it was for them of some of their loved ones. 

It is about time that we start promoting, appreciating and helping these startups who have work tirelessly for humanity. They at least deserve recognition and appreciation if you are too uncertain to help them. We need to start appreciating the little steps taken towards improvement, no matter what platform it is. 


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