A Sweet Peppers Deli Survey for your taste buds

Sweet Peppers Deli Survey

Why should you fill up a Sweet Peppers Deli Survey

Sweet Peppers Deli was started almost twenty years ago by the Bean family. Now they have started their restaurant chain in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. They are giving you the chance to fill up a Sweet Peppers Deli Survey at www.sweetpeppersdeli.com/survey so feel free to give them your feedback!

Steps required to fill up a Sweet Peppers Deli Survey

Sweet Peppers Deli Survey

Make sure you have a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone with you. Once you have a device of your choice, you will also need a good internet connection on it. Also keep the receipt that you got from them with you so you can fill out all the information for the survey. Now, all you will have to do is follow the steps that have been given below and you will be done in no time.

  1. Go to their survey site by clicking on www.sweetpeppersdeli.com/survey
  2. Type in the receipt code.
  3. You will also have to give them the location, month, day and year of your visit.
  4. Let them know what part of the day you dined with them.
  5. You will also have to tell them how frequently you dine with them.
  6. Now start rating the statements that they have given to you. Do this honestly.
  7. They have also given a box at the end of the survey where you can write your feedback.
  8. Type in your first and last name.
  9. Give them your email address.
  10. Also type in the address.
  11. Type in the city, state and zip code.
  12. You can choose if you want to be notified about the special offers and event via email.
  13. Click on “Submit” when you are done.

You can also go to their website and find out more information about them. You might also get a validation code from them so make sure you write that down somewhere. You can redeem the offer at a later date!


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