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Zippy's Survey

We’ve all had the experience of eating out at a restaurant or place and having strong opinions about our service. With a lot of places, you don’t really get a chance to let the people running things know how you feel. This can be a bad move for businesses because as a customer, you have a lot to say. And as the person being served or provided to, your voice is important. By harnessing your voice, businesses don’t just gain trust, they can also improve and grow. Zippy’s is one such company, which believes that you have a right to help shape the company that they are. So go on now and take the Zippy’s Survey, and share all of your feedback online at the link


In the year 1996, two brothers came up with a concept for a restaurant. They launched their idea as the name Zippy’s and the first ever outlet was on South King Street in Hawaii. Their name is actually inspired by Zip codes – the idea that was prevalent then was that Zip codes are a fast way to connect people, and the founders wanted that same logic for their restaurant. Since then, Zippy’s has grown to 24 various outlets around Hawaii and is enjoyed by locals as one of the most prominent fast food chains in the region.Zippy's SurveyTHE STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE TO COMPLETE THE ZIPPY’S SURVEY

Here are the steps to taking part in the Zippy’s Survey:

  1. Switch on your web browser, and open up the following link:
  2. The resultant page is the first part of the Zippy’s Survey.
  3. Use your receipt as a guide and enter the Restaurant Number, which is 4 digits.
  4. Next, answer questions about your satisfaction levels when you last went to Zippy’s.
  5. Provide honest feedback about the kind of service you were provided.
  6. Enter in your contact information to enter the sweepstakes.
  7. Submit your responses and information.

Zippy's Survey

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