Revoking Article 370: Modi, the real life “Khal Nayak” gone MAD?

Article 370

Over the past several hours, the entire world is feeling jolted, not due to an earthquake but due to sheer nonsense of one bloody character known as Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Although the “Real life Khal nayak” Modi, has “Valid Reasons” for being so outrageous and going out of his already bleeding mind yet his recent, shocking act of revoking Articles 370 appears to be a Very Dangerous Move, that faced huge disapproval even from within India.

Recently, India has been ousted from the Afghan Peace Process while very recently, the U.S. President Donald Trump has clearly ‘quoted’ Modi to have ‘no objection’ over America’s role in resolving the years-long Kashmir Issue. Then, Modi’s reelection as Indian Prime Minister was purely based on a series of his ‘Anti-Pakistan’ political statements and promises of teaching a “lesson” to Pakistan.

Modi is simply paving way ultimately leading to a “Never-Ending War,” starting between India and Pakistan but engulfing the entire world eventually and if one would ask why so, the answer is quite simple. Both India and Pakistan are fully aware about the consequences of unleashing a single Nuclear Weapon as that would only be the beginning, not only to mass destruction and huge losses of men and material for both the countries; but a step to compromising the safety of even the neighboring nations such as China and Afghanistan.

The real question is does Modi really know what this ‘Article 370’ is in reality? Doesn’t he know that a referendum in Kashmir requires either totally abolishing the whole article or making full or partial amendments in it? If he does, then he must also be aware that the whole procedure which happens to be an extremely complex and ambiguous one.

The second question is whether what goals Modi actually wants to achieve through this dangerous, illogical, untimely and silly move anyway? Being the worst rival of Pakistan, one would expect anything from India, especially from the current Indian government but if Modi is doing it all just to please his headless allies and likeminded Indians then this is nothing but display of sheer selfishness.

‘Mr. Crazy’ must keep in mind that sooner or later, this move is going to backfire very badly as the result of further attempts of crackdown in Kashmir would result in nothing but sending the entire region spinning in further instability and war-like environment.

And what do you think Modi, will Pakistan simply sit back and let you do whatever you want? For your information, Pakistan has all the right in the world to take up the burning conflict of Kashmir at the International Court of Justice (IJC).

“We are contemplating over the options including opinion of legal experts regarding the recent Indian move on Kashmir status,” says our Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi adding, “Pakistan’s Permanent Representative in United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi would meet the president of Security Council.”

Also consider the words of Rahul Gandhi, your own former Congress President, who has stated that “Nations made of people, not plots of land” and that “Modi’s act is abuse of executive power.” Under the circumstances, the best for Modi is to rethink over his evil plans or else; be prepared for the consequences and being remembered as and called ‘Asia’s Bad Man’ in history.


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