Some Beneficial Home Remedies for Hyperthyroidism


It is hard to see any person who is suffering through thyroid. So how much it would be difficult for that person to bear this thyroid problem!! Actually it is butterfly-shaped gland that occurs just below the Adam’s apple in the neck. In case that thyroid is overactive and it generates large amounts of the thyroxin hormone, this situation is known as hyperthyroidism.  Some general reason of its occurring are autoimmune disorder, excessive intake of iodine, nodules in the thyroid or benign lumps.Some Beneficial Home Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

There are some effective and natural home remedies that are very effective in dealing this issue.

1. Bugleweed

Bugleweed is the natural herb that is also called as Lycopusvirginica.  This natural herb is very effective in dealing the hyperthyroidism. This herb works great and reduces the hormone which is produced by thyroid.

  •  Put one-half teaspoon (or even less than this) bugleweed in the water and boil the solution. Strain this bugleweed tea and take it once a day.
  • Alternatively, you can use this herb in tincture form. You can also make a mixture of motherwort and bugleweed and lemon balm. This mixture works greatly in dealing the hyperthyroidism problem.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has another name “Melissa officinalis”.  It is also great natural herb that aids in normalizing the overactive thyroid. It deals the issue by reducing the TSH levels. Its major ingredients are phenolic acids, flavonoids and some other compounds which regulate thyroid.

It is really good in blocking the antibodies activity which are main source of stimulating the thyroid gland and also becomes reason of incurring Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease is very common form of hyperthyroidism.  It is good to take the lemon balm tea for restoring the thyroid activity.

  • Take on cup of water and add 2 tablespoons of lemon balm.
  • Steep it for about 5 minutes.
  • Strain this solution and drink it.
  • For better results, take this tea 3 times a day.

3. Motherwort

“Herb motherwort” is also known as Leonurus cardiac aids in controlling the palpitations, tachycardia and performs as natural beta-blocker. Its affectivity increases due to anti-thyroid activity that makes it a good healer for all those who are suffering from hyperthyroid conditions.

  1. Steep the solution of water and one-half teaspoon of motherwort.
  2. Strain the solution and then cool it.
  3. Take this tea 3 times daily.

In case, you are taking any type of sedating medications, this herb must be avoided.


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