Head to head: Clash between Joao Felix and Lionel Messi in Spanish Super Cup semi-final

Clash between Joao Felix and Lionel Messi

An altercation between Lionel Messi and Joao Felix involves other players from Barça and Atlético Madrid during the Spanish Super Cup semi-final in Jeddah.

It was at the end of a completely crazy match against FC Barcelona that Atlético Madrid qualified for the final of the Spanish Super Cup on Thursday evening. No less than five goals were scored in this match which ended with a score of 3-2 in favor of Madrid.

The tension was palpable throughout the match, notably with this tense exchange between Lionel Messi and Joao Felix.

The scene took place at the end of the first half, just before returning to the locker room. It all started with a collision between the Portuguese and Jordi Alba. Messi then exchanged a few words with Felix, but the nugget of Atlético did not seem impressed and the two footballers found themselves head to head.

Other players then got involved in the fight. Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets notably took up the defense of the Argentinian while Luis Suarez put back a layer of it, before Stefan Savic came to shake it up.

The latter two have also received a yellow card.


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