Two students caught in the middle of a sexual frenzy … in a study room on a university campus: “They never even thought of turning off the lights”

Two students caught having sex in university campus

The scene is funny but yet very real, as the Daily Star reports. Two university students in a study room had a sudden urge to make love. And even if the place is not at all suitable, they did not hesitate to put their pants down to indulge in this practice before the shocked eyes of passers-by!

Two students were caught in the middle of a sexual intercourse in the University of Birmingham in England. The school did not hesitate to open an internal investigation to find the two lovers.

Another student who was going to this study room caught them frolicking. And instead of interrupting them, he filmed the scene! These images were shared on social media on Saturday. They show the man and the woman through… a transparent window! They were not cold in the eyes!

The couple seems to ignore that their activities can be easily watched by other students. The student who was recording the video scene explodes with laughter after a few moments of filming.

The university said they are aware of the viral video and is investigating allegations that it took place on their property. The video, which gets more than 5,000 likes before being deleted from Twitter, shocked internet users.

One wrote “my university still dishonors me” and another added “the new generation is built differently”. Another said “they did not even think of turning off the lights” and one added “what I did not expect that, I do not reserve these private rooms anymore”.

An internal investigation is opened: “We are investigating the film and its origins, in order to identify its location and establish whether there has been a violation of university policy. Action will be taken if it is established that someone has acted in violation of university policies or, if the police believe that a crime has been committed.”


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