Streaming Wars: Netflix faces new competitors


Netflix, faced with a crowd of new competitors of the stature of Apple and Disney in its main market, wanted to be cautious for 2020 but insists on its international dimension to convince a singing tomorrow.

During the fourth quarter, Netflix attracted only 550,000 new subscribers in the United States and Canada, a region that remains by far the most important in terms of turnover (more than 2.6 billion dollars on a total of $5.5 billion).

It is therefore carefully scrutinized by investors; too much according to Netflix which prefers to focus on the global dimension of its activities and its 8.8 million new subscribers in the last quarter, much more than expected.

At the end of the year just over 168 million people worldwide had subscribed to Netflix (20% more than a year earlier). “Streaming is a global phenomenon and we are working hard to consolidate our previous progress,” insists the group in a press release.

But in October, the company itself had indicated that it hoped to attract at least 600,000 new subscribers in the United States and Canada, boasting of resisting the arrival of two heavyweights in the sector: Apple TV + and Disney +.

What’s more, for the first quarter of fiscal 2020, the company expects only 7 million more paying subscribers worldwide, where a year earlier it had a record number of just fewer than 10 million. Analysts were hoping for a figure closer to 7.9 million.

The company’s chief financial officer, Spencer Neumann, explains that this is due to “a combination of price and competition”. Netflix is ​​much more expensive than its rivals in the United States, which chose to cut prices to be more attractive.

Down just after the announcement of the results, the action of Netflix gained more than 2% at 00:00 GMT during the electronic transactions after the closing of Wall Street.

Netflix error

The Netflix error UI-800-3 comes up when you are using a device such as a Blu-ray player, Roku box, games console, smart TV, or jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick. It indicates that the information stored on your device is out of date and needs to be refreshed.

This specific error can be easily fixed through restarting your device. In case, if this method does not work, then we recommend you to logout of Netflix from your device and then log in again most likely it will work.

In worst scenario, this method won’t work then try to disconnect your device from the internet and switch it off for a moment, restart your network router, and try to connect your device, then signing back in. Hope this will work.

View Tracking Method

Until now, viewing a program was only counted by Netflix when the subscriber viewed at least 70% of the film or episode of the series launched.

Netflix is ​​preparing to make a major change in its policy for tracking subscriber figures and statistics. The streaming giant has just announced that now, 2 minutes of viewing would be enough to count a view on one of its programs, and this while until now Netflix recorded a viewing as effective only once that the subscriber had viewed at least 70% of a film or episode of a series. This new change in viewing methodology should heavily impact future statistics. According to Netflix, this new approach would indeed increase viewing statistics by 35% on average.

According to Netflix, the 2-minute mark removes “unintentional” views, in other words the film and series launches that were made by mistake by the user.

“Our new methodology is similar to that of the BBC, Youtube and The New York Times,” says the streaming platform.

The whole point of this change in methodology comes of course from the impact of these figures, which testify to the enormous striking force of the platform.

Netflix has communicated some figures on this subject, taking the example of the series Our Planet, viewed 33 million times according to the old views count system, however, its viewing figures now exceed the milestone of 45 million views.


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