Century by any Zimbabwe player is a huge achievement, says Sean Williams’ father

Sean Williams

Family of Zimbabwe captain Sean Williams, who scored a hundred against Sri Lanka is over the moon.    

Speaking exclusively over telephone minutes after his son’s hundred, second in his Test career, the father, Collin Williams, said, “for our men and young men playing cricket in Zimbabwe its no easy feat to stay focused and feel relevant with all the ups and downs. When any Zimbabwe cricket player makes a hundred for the country it’s a huge achievement in my opinion, simply because of the lack of quality cricket and more over the exposure needed to compete consistently at this level”. 

Interestingly, Sean Williams is a sports-loving family. 

“Our family certainly loves their sport, not just cricket and hockey but we play them all”. 

“Sean’s mom was a fantastic hockey player one of the best Zimbabwe has ever seen and perhaps won’t see again in my opinion. Patricia could play anything sport wise, she was a very special talent. Hockey, basketball, tennis and now golf. I really can’t say enough about her sporting ability”.

“Myself well I was more of a Hockey player, playing national hockey and then coaching at that level also. I loved cricket but it was my second sport without doubt  however I did play first class cricket on and off”, the father added. 

“The Boys have all achieved on the sports field. Sean clearly has made his mark in cricket, his half brother Michael who is older than  Sean was a fine hockey player and achieved national colours and also played first class cricket. Then comes Matthew who is extremely talented in my opinion at anything he played. His motivation to play cricket was dampened through circumstances as we all know to well that prevailed at the time in the country. He, in my opinion, was a classy player lost. He is now a scratch golfer, Matthew also gained national colours for hockey”.

“Then comes Ben who is 14 years old, Ben has recently made the Zim under 14 cricket team, he is a budding fast bowler, I have encouraged him and will keep on, to run in and bowl quickly, he is getting there. the team travelled to South Africa but unfortunately, the week was rained out in Pretoria. Ben is also a Hockey player so let’s see what he can do as he grows up. Ben’s Mom Mandy was a Zimbabwe softball player. So there it is”.

“I am a very proud Dad, and I am also very proud of the other players in the team today. They have certainly been positive, which I thought was lacking in the last game. So good on them and keep it up”, the father concluded.  


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