Battle of Legalizing CBD Products in Pakistan

CBD Products

As the effectiveness of CBD and hemp plants are being passed on to several countries, it leads to some countries like the US to adapt this innovative change. Most of these countries identify them as medical marijuana, a perfect substitute for healing numerous illnesses like chronic pain and reducing the accumulation of illnesses such as constipation. Meanwhile, others see these substances useful for recreational use. With this news arising, Pakistan, a place known for growing wild hemp remains faithful with their stand. Thus, results for the arising discussions of whether or not, Pakistan should approve the legalization of this freely available and potent remedy.

Current status of CBD Products

As mentioned, Pakistan is quite known for growing wild yet potent hemp plants. Even though this natural resource is readily available in the country, they chose to pursue other fields, such as cotton business. That’s why most people pursue the trading of cotton even though Pakistan is identified as a country to produce a large number of hemp products.

Being a Muslim country, it is definitely a big deal on whether or not one must possess marijuana or hemp products. Owning or marketing this product is actually against Quran beliefs. In addition to that, it is also against the law.

According to the Control Narcotic Substances Act, it is highly prohibited for people from Pakistan to acquire these substances. When a person is seen to obtain such product may result in legal consequences like being detained in prison. This sanction usually occurs from 6 months until 2 years, although legal penalties vary depending on the region where it happened.

CBD- infused products considered as a potent cure

In a research conducted in the year 2017, several proofs state positive outlooks about CBD products. This particular remedy is being posed and introduced to provide a solid option for patients. Data analysis shows promising effects that one may acquire when they use this type of treatment.

Essential and beneficial effects from using this type of remedy are as follows:

  1. Easing chronic pain
  2. Alleviates depression and anxiety
  3. Controls a series of epileptic attacks
  4. Treating multiple sclerosis

Through the use of medical marijuana such as CBD, it can alleviate the severity of these identified illnesses. That’s why some people prefer to use this option as it shows beneficial effects on one’s health

Discussions about the downsides of using CBD products

Although it shows positive results that may help alleviate the current situation of patients, triggering factors are possible to happen. Factors such as abuse are bound to occur when using such product. That’s why, a preventive measure must be applied, and thus the Control of Narcotic Substances Act happened.

As stated within the law, it overviews the manufacturing, producing, cultivating, smuggling, and transporting of this kind of product. Furthermore, licensed warehouses and establishments are also included in observing to follow the law to prevent further damage. When proved to violate this law, sanctions in various forms shall happen. With this action, it prevents the possible negative outcome such as substance abuse to occur.

Possible situations for Marketing CBD 

Even though there are several restrictions to pursue this field of business, still, a number of cases occur within the country. Some people still use hemp and CBD products. In some articles, there are discovered cases where people start using hemp and CBD-infused products at the age of 8. Meanwhile, some other circumstances may also occur, resulting in its usage. This situation occurs with the involvement of medical, ethical, and legal. With these conditions, it helps to establish safety precautions for using the product.

On the other hand, in line with the Control of Narcotic Drugs Act, there are exceptions as to whether it is valid to obtain these products. It states that only recognized agencies may be authorized to attain and cultivate identified plants for production. With this restriction, it supports and raises awareness for the safety of people. In that way, assurance majorly prioritized that those products are safe to use for medical purposes.


Although possession of such substances is still a question within Pakistan, we cannot deny the fact that it is a potent cure for several illnesses. That’s why it is highly essential for restrictions to occur because the health of the people shall be a priority. Still, it is a question of whether or not, usage of substance shall be fully legalized within the country.


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