Crowd manhandles female SHO Sharafat Saeed for enforcing Friday prayers in Karachi’s Orangi Town

Lady SHO Sharafat Saeed

A video of Sindh policewoman being manhandled by a mob for enforcing restrictions on Friday prayer congregations amid the coronavirus lockdown in Karachi’s Orangi Town area has gone viral.

The video clip shows Lady SHO Sharafat Saeed D/O Khan Saeed Khan being assaulted and received minor injured by the mob as she attempted to the people present at the mosque to pray at home during Friday Prayers at Haqqani Masjid Pathan Colony is a mosque located in Orangi Town, Karachi.

However, the viral video clip shows that a large number of people were exiting from the mosque after Friday prayers and a group of individuals manhandling the lady police officer.

“So everybody listen to me, OK?” the lady police officer Sharafat Saeed saying in the viral video. “Now, I’m definitely going to lodged a case against you, as you people have attacked and injured me, also damaged my glasses.”

Upon her call more police officials reached to the spot, the SHO Sharafat Saeed instructed them to make a video all those present here so action can be initiated against them after Friday prayer restrictions not being adhered.


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